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    Latino American Pols vs Latin American Nationalists

    There is a metric used as the definition of success by the main immigration enforcement lobby groups. It is a steadily declining number of illegal aliens living in the United States and that half those living here now be back in their home countries by the end of the year 2012. There is another group which has many people with the same goal they are the Latin American Nationalists.

    There is some unacknowledged difference between the political objectives of people who define themselves as Latino American ethnic politicians and those who are Latin American Nationalists. Their priorities are different.

    Latino Americans politicos are trying to import a constituency to serve with Johnsonian style Great Society entitlement social programs that they manage at our expense regardless of our will. Even if the illegals do not get to become citizens immediately they are great as recipients of tax payer funded public benefit programs that hire the Latino American politicos. At least it is their perspective.

    Latin American Nationalists are trying to develop their original home countries. They would like to get foreign investment into Latin America to increase income and create jobs. It is possible for our immigration enforcement lobby to work with these Latin American Nationalists. In fact many do not want to have amnesty
    given their citizens because it would compete with development there.

    The two groups ours and their's
    can work together beautifully. A person for immigration reduction wants illegal aliens out while the Latin American Nationalists want them back if there is also investment to provide them with new jobs. That most investment should be coming from immigrants is not neccessarily opposed by the Latin American Nationalists. We need to assist in educating the immigrant community here how to do it.

    There is a different problem called neo mercantilism which fails to acknowledge a need for
    the Latin American countries to develop and that some of those products we consume are going to be produced in Latin America. It is a misfortune of our movement that a vocal minority of people confuse legitimate opposition to illegal immigration with their neo mercantilism. We do not want neo mercs to leave our movement neccessarily but neither should it be confused with us. America can benefit more importing from
    Mexico than China and benefits from trade.

    I support enforcement and see its lack as bad for the 3rd World as well. Remittances are now mostly spent on consumption not production assets. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Did anybody complain about importing from Mexico, we just do not want to import their citizens illegally. If we are going to trade with Mexico or latin American countrys it should be fair trade, For some reason nothing ever benifits American Citizens in the U,S.
    Please support ALIPAC's fight to save American Jobs & Lives from illegal immigration by joining our free Activists E-Mail Alerts (CLICK HERE)

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