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Thread: At Least 19 San Antonio Companies are Interested in Building Trump's Border Wall

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    At Least 19 San Antonio Companies are Interested in Building Trump's Border Wall

    Posted By Alex Zielinski on Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    At least 150 of the 700 companies interested in building parts of President Trump's border wall are located in Texas — and 19 of them are in San Antonio.

    From concrete pourers to environmental consultants to engineering firms — a variety of local business have signed up as "interested vendors" on the submission page. As of Friday, seven of these businesses have already submitted serious proposals.

    One of them is Raba Kinster, a San Antonio civil engineering firm. But John Borland, the firm's director of federal projects, was quick to point out that their company is not a "prime contractor," and would only provide ancillary work. If selected, Raba Kinster contractors would be testing the soil structure of the borderlands for the best place to build and help design the wall's foundation.

    Asked if he or his colleagues had considered the political aspect of this bid before submitting a proposal, Borland replied, "Nope, not on our end."

    None of the other contractors who responded to the Current's interview requests were willing to speak on the record.

    It seems many vendors have placed job creation before immigration politics in casting their bids. At least half of the San Antonio vendors are Hispanic-owned, a population that's been particularly under attack for wanting to profit off of it. According to the Washington Post, a number of Hispanic business owners have already received death threats since submitting their bid.

    While many have misgivings about the wall's purpose, they said the opportunity to create local jobs and, perhaps, a more humane wall, outweighed their unease. In the words Patrick Balcazar, the Puerto Rican owner of an interested firm interviewed by the Post: “Work is work. I’m not a big fan of how Lady Gaga dresses but if I’m a tailor and she wants me to make her a dress, I will make a dress and I will tell her it looks good on her.”
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    It seems many vendors have placed job creation before immigration politics in casting their bids. At least half of the San Antonio vendors are Hispanic-owned, a population that's been particularly under attack for wanting to profit off of it. According to the Washington Post, a number of Hispanic business owners have already received death threats since submitting their bid.
    Tell those people giving you a hard time, this is your country and we are your fellow citizens. You are doing this to protect your country, your family, your job, your business and those of your fellow citizens. You owe these people nothing simply because they are or may be of the same "heritage" from generations ago. Your heritage now is American in the United States of America. So tell them to take their race-baiting baloney and stuff it up someone's rear in Mexico City, because we're done with race-based policies in the United States.
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    These people think they can terrorize citizens for trying to make a living? This is what it has become call it bullying, protesting or what you want but it is terrorizing, threatening , making it so business's cannot carry on their own business. Since when did this become acceptable in the USA?
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    Since when did it become right to enter the USA illegally?

    Illegal Immigration Nonsense

    There is too much nonsense on the internet about Illegal Immigration. Here are the facts!

    First, America has a fine and equitable Legal Immigration System; there is no need to sneak into America Illegally. For example, my Canadian wife immigrated to America legally and is now an American Citizen. Her two children, my stepchildren, will soon be American Citizens, done legally through America’s fine and equitable Legal Immigration system. Over 1 million people are granted permanent American citizenship annually. They do this legally by completing all required applications and providing all required documents.

    Green Cards and Permanent Residence in the U.S. are easy to obtain. But, America can’t let too many in, which is why America has legal quotas.

    Again it is illegal to sneak into America. You must apply for a Green Card and permanent Residence in America.

    You cannot enter America legally without first getting this green card or some other visa that allows you to stay in America.

    If you have a valid passport, you can visit America anytime you want, legally. But, even if you have a valid passport, you can’t stay in America as a resident until you apply through fine and equitable Legal Immigration System.

    There are limits set by Congress on the number of people that can be granted permanent residence in America. Just because you don’t agree with the Immigration laws does not allow you to ignore them. If you break those laws, you should be put in jail.

    No state can legally ignore the Federal Immigration Laws. Any state officials that knowingly ignore Federal Immigration laws are guilty of breaking Federal Law and should be put in jail. There is nothing in the US Constitution that allows individual states to create any laws or regulations that violate the US Constitution.

    Sanctuary cities and states are against the Federal Law.

    Mexico has to take back all illegal Mexican immigrants that America sends back. Mexico cannot stop this. I can’t wait to see what happens if they try.

    America could cripple Mexico by stopping all trade and tourism to Mexico. And, it could be done very easily. Might hurt American for a short term; but not long and America would quickly make it up.

    Many Mexicans stay in Mexico and have jobs. The unemployment rate in Mexico in 2016 was 3.7%. It was 4.8% in the United States and the United Kingdom. So why come to a country that has a higher unemployment rate than Mexico? More freebies are the answer, e.g., food stamps, subsidized housing, welfare. Somehow, Illegal Mexicans are allowed to receive these benefits. This is because Federal and State Government employees are not enforcing the laws; these employees should be in jail.

    So who are the Illegal Mexicans trying to find work in America? Why can’t they find work in Mexico?

    They can’t find work because they are the worst of the worse, the dregs of society, in Mexico. They are the unemployable in Mexico for a reason. Why is that America’s problem? It isn’t!

    There is so much distortion of the facts.

    There is no valid way to determine how many unemployed Americans lose jobs to illegal Mexican immigrants. The only way to do this is stop illegal Mexicans from working in America and see if America’s unemployment rate decreases.

    Employers who hire Illegal Mexican should all be in jail for very long sentences, e.g., at least ten years and have all their property and money taken by the Federal Government.

    And, of course illegal Mexicans immigrants working for American Employers must have mandatory taxes withheld from their pay checks, e.g., Social Security tax, Medicare tax, unemployment taxes - Federal (FUTA) and State (SUTA). That is the easy part and those taxes are collected.

    But, here is the rub and dishonesty.

    They must, usually, have a certain amount withheld for Federal and state income taxes, but these are not at mandatory fixed rates determined by the Federal and State governments. Employees must fill out Federal and state W-4s (Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate) which determine how much will be withheld from your payroll checks for Federal and States income tax.

    Illegal Mexican Aliens are coached to claim more W-4 allowances than they can legally do so that no Federal and State Income taxes are withheld from their payroll checks. And, since most all illegal Mexicans in America do not file annual Federal and State income tax returns, they do not pay any Federal or State income taxes. Why would they file and have to pay Federal and State incomes taxes? They have nothing withheld from their payroll checks for Federal and State income taxes, so why file Federal or State Income Tax returns? Roughly 50% of illegal Mexicans do not file income tax returns.

    “Federal government data shows that while roughly half of illegal immigrants file federal tax returns, the vast majority of them don’t pay any federal income taxes. Instead, they use these returns to claim refundable tax credits, which are a form of cash welfare. In other words, illegal immigrants mainly use the federal income tax code to collect money from U.S. citizens.”

    What countries use border fences or walls do stop illegals from crossing into their respective countries or areas?

    1. Border between North and South Korea
    2. Border between Spain and Morocco
    3. Egypt and the Gaza Strip
    4. Israel and West Bank
    5. Wall between Cyprus and Turkey
    6. India and Pakistan
    7. Belfast and Ireland
    8. Malaysia and Thailand

    So, why shouldn’t America have a border wall with Mexico?

    The sooner Trump gets that Border Wall completed the better.

    Who will really pay for that US Mexican border wall?

    Trump is 100% right, Mexico will pay one way or another. It may not be a direct payment; but, Mexico will pay.

    America is the biggest trading country in the world. And, America can destroy Mexico’s economy in a heartbeat should it decide to do so.
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    Yes, Trump is 100% right. And yes, the sooner Trump gets it built, the sooner we can charge Mexico, one way or another, to pay for it. No one is usually asked to pay for something for someone else upfront. DemoQuacks of course wouldn't understand that. They've been cashing in on 501 C 3's and US taxpayers so long, they don't know how real business is conducted when you are the paying party, because they've never paid for anything. They just take from everyone else.
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    Welcome to ALIPAC GWL666
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