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    Living American dream illegally

    Uncle Omar Obama Onyango

    Caption: Obama Onyango, President Obama’s uncle, inset, who lives at this house in Framingham...

    By Jessica Heslam
    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    Obama Onyango lives in a modest, single-family home on a quiet, leafy street in Framingham.

    He hosted popular backyard barbecues. His pale yellow house was always bustling with people.

    And he’d pass the time on the front porch, adorned with a welcome mat and flower pots.

    It almost sounds like the American Dream. A 2011 version of it, maybe. Because the 67-year-old Kenyan who happens to be President Obama’s uncle wasn’t supposed to be living here, let alone driving drunk here. He’s what some people call undocumented. What others call illegal.

    Immigration authorities had been on the lookout for Onyango and found him last week after Framingham cops busted him on an operating under the influence charge. He’s currently locked up in Plymouth County Jail on an immigration warrant.

    Court documents report Onyango’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy when the cops pulled him over last week, after he narrowly missed a police cruiser with his SUV. He reeked of alcohol. He slurred his speech and was wobbly on his feet. He failed three field sobriety tests and blew nearly double the legal limit.

    “I think I will call the White House,
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    From the source blog:


    Sheesh, how many illegals are going to turn up in Obama's family? Any more that will shake out soon?

    And since Obama unconstitutionally went around Congress and granted de facto amnesty to any illegal who isn't an axe murderer, are there going to be ANY consequences for this or any other illegal?

    We need to get rid of the pro-amnesty corrupt pols like Obama and, on the GOP side, Rick Perry. Enough is enough. I want my country back. We Americans have a civilization and a culture. We never asked to live in the Third World.

    Posted 4 days ago ... mmentsArea
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    Just wondering...did Obama Onyango ever disclose who he voted for in 2008?
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