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    Long Island: MS-13 killer gets 40 yr sentence! ... y&psp=news

    MS-13 Killer Gets 40 Year Sentence
    By Jonathan Dienst

    POSTED: 1:15 pm EDT August 11, 2008

    NEW YORK -- An MS-13 gang leader from Long Island was sentenced to 40 years in prison Monday after admitting to killing a man he wrongly thought was in a rival gang.

    Johnny Rodas, who goes by the street name "Arana", admitted he fired three times at another man who he mistakenly thought belonged to the "Salvadorans With Pride" or SWP gang.

    It was back on February 23, 2003 that 18 year-old Jamie Figueroa of Freeport was shot in the head as a car he was riding in pulled alongside the vehicle Rodas was in.

    The shooting took place at a traffic light at the intersection of Sunrise Highway and North Ocean Avenue. U.S. Attorney Benton Campbell said the investigation showed that Figueroa did not belong to any street gang and was an innocent victim. Rodas, 26, fired three times using a .38 caliber handgun. FBI New York Director Mark Mershon called the killing an act of "wanton lawlessness" that "cannot be tolerated."

    MS-13 is currently Long Island's largest street gang. It is a violent international group whose members are often from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Long Island alone has seen 50 members convicted in the past three years in connection with federal felony charges, including murder conspiracy, the U.S. Attorney's office said.

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    We need a link to the source of the article at the bottom of your article.
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    And all the while, we Americans have to pick up and clean up the mess of gang on gang violence while the government, sworn to protect the American people, are deciding to give sanctuary in many cities. Have we descended into some madness on behalf of those with large campaign contributions, who are demanding more illegals?
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