Lou Dobbs Tonight
Thursday, November 6, 2008

*Tonight, President-elect Barack Obama prepares for his
transition to the White House. He’s already chosen his chief
of staff. Who else will he choose to complete his
administration? We’ll have all the latest details and much

*Plus, how will Obama’s administration deal with the
rising threat from communist China? New reports show computers
from both presidential campaigns were hacked by someone outside
the United States. Was China involved? We’ll have a special

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Thursday’s guests will include Brigadier General David L.
Grange (Ret.), a CNN military analyst. He’ll offer his
assessment of what’s left to do in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The federal government has grown increasingly aggressive in
prosecuting illegal-immigration cases over the last year. Lou
will discuss the fight against illegal immigration with Ira
Mehlman, the media director of the Federation for American
Immigration Reform (FAIR).

What can President Obama do to push Communist China to embrace
human rights, a free press and clean air? Lou will talk about
it with Gordon Chang, the author of “The Coming Collapse of