Lou Dobbs Tonight
Monday, August 27, 2007

Tonight, Alberto Gonzales resigns as attorney general. Gonzales
this morning made a brief televised statement but did not
address the torrent of accusations that apparently prompted his
resignation—that he oversaw the improper firing of U.S.
attorneys for political reasons and that he repeatedly lied
before Congress. We’ll have full coverage of Gonzales’
departure, his possible replacements, and what the changes mean
for Americans.

Because of gaps in staffing at the highest levels of the
Department of Justice, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales'
position will temporarily be filled by the Justice Department’s
fourth-in-command. Tune in tonight for a look at what other
leadership positions are sitting empty in the Bush
administration--and how they affect the proper functioning of
our government.

China has a well-know appetite for American assets. Now an
American technology CEO says that a Chinese company is looking
to buy a major U.S. disk drive manufacturer—a purchase that
would raise serious national security questions in Washington.
We’ll bring you that story and a full report on what the
Chinese government might do with its $1.33 trillion dollars in
currency reserves.

Two lawmakers in Colorado say the state needs workers from
Mexico to harvest the state’s valuable crops. They are planning
to propose legislation that would establish a hiring office in
Mexico to bring in the laborers they say they so badly need.
It’s a move that would completely usurp the federal
government’s role in setting immigration policy and
establishing guest worker programs. We’ll bring you that story

Plus, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is in Mexico City traveling with
a bipartisan Congressional delegation that will meet with
Mexican officials, as well as business and academic leaders.
We’ll speak with him about the illegal alien crisis in this
country, and what some leaders are doing to fix it.