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    Mack case serves as wakeup call to employers

    Mack case serves as wakeup call to employers

    By Guy W. Farmer,
    Federal court criminal proceedings against Mack Associates, which operates 11 McDonalds franchises in Northern Nevada, constitute a cautionary tale for other businesses tempted to hire illegal aliens in our area. The Mack case was closed 10 days ago when two company executives were sentenced to probation and community service.

    Federal District Judge James Mahan sentenced former Mack Vice President Jimmy Moore and ex-Operations Director Joe Gillespie to three years probation and 90 hours of community service each after they pleaded guilty to felony charges of knowingly hiring illegal immigrants to work at their McDonalds franchises. The relatively light sentences were part of a plea deal under which Mack Associates paid $1 million in fines and was placed on a one-year probation. Earlier, two lower-level Mack employees pleaded guilty to lesser charges and were fined $1,000 each and assessed 90 hours of community service.

    Although the principal owner of the Reno company, prominent businessman Luther Mack, wasn’t charged in the high-profile case, court documents filed by U.S. Attorney Greg Brower revealed that Mack knew what was going on. Brower asserted that Mack was well aware that one or more of his employees was illegal, including the manager of one of his McDonalds franchises. Moore’s attorney told the court that the well-connected Mack escaped prosecution for “political reasons.
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    Feloney charges and they got probation! Ridiculouse they aided and abbetted criminals to use (steal) other peoples identities.I say we ship all the crooked politicians and all these idiot judges to china.

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