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Thread: Matthews to Ossoff: You and Progressives Have ‘Failure’ of Not Having Solution to Com

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    Matthews to Ossoff: You and Progressives Have ‘Failure’ of Not Having Solution to Com

    Matthews to Ossoff: You and Progressives Have ‘Failure’ of Not Having Solution to Companies Hiring Illegal Immigrants

    17 Apr 2017

    On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews told Georgia Congressional candidate Jon Ossoff (D) his answer on what to do to companies who hire people in the country illegally was a “failure to be comprehensive” that progressives have.

    After Ossoff touted immigration reform with border security and a path to legal status to non-felons who are in the country illegally, Matthews asked, “But what do we do to stop the magnet of illegal jobs, which is the reason people come here. How do you stop people from hiring people illegally, how do you do that?”

    Ossoff replied, “Well, the best way to stop it is to secure the border, and, provide a path to legal status so folks can come out of the shadows.”

    Matthews then cut in, “No, what do we do about enforcing those people who — no, this is what — this the failure to be comprehensive. What do you do to enforce our immigration laws?” Ossoff answered that “there should be stricter penalties for those who knowingly employ those who don’t have proper documentation because that deprives law-abiding American citizens of work. But that in and of itself, Chris, is not a solution, unless there is both a border security element, and the pathway to legal status.”

    Matthews then stated, “The point that you finally got to is the one that progressives tend to skip, and I think that’s the lack of comprehensiveness.”
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    Chris Mathews should be more honest with himself and his audience. We all know there is no comprehensiveness to "comprehensive immigration reform" amnesty for illegal aliens.

    All they want is the amnesty portion that makes illegal aliens legal. After that, there will be no border security talk, promises, or action. It will be over for the United States because these illegal aliens will form a new dominating voting bloc nobody will be able to stop in elections. The illegal aliens given comprehensive amnesty will dominate elections and elect socialists like Jon Ossoff and worse!

    Companies will hire anyone they want forevermore without the slightest worry about immigration laws or hiring illegal aliens because the illegal alien backed politicians will never dare to try to stop them or they will face angry violent mobs of South and Central Americans and Muslims from the middle east ready to destroy their companies or individual lives.

    After all, that is how mob rule works in the third world and that is how it will work here if this unholy union between illegal aliens, liberal socialists, and radical Islamists succeed with their plan to take of the US permanently using illegal immigration and hyper legal immigration.

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