Saturday, 12 Jul 2014 10:54 PM
By Todd Beamon

Sen. John McCain plans to introduce legislation to require illegal immigrants arrested at the U.S. border to wear ankle monitors so they can easily tracked by federal officials.

"I even would think that even wearing ankle bracelets while they are here in this country would be appropriate," the Arizona Republican said on Friday, The Blaze reports.

More than 52,000 illegal minors have been arrested at the border since October — and over 181,000 more have been apprehended in the same period at the South Texas border after crossing the Rio Grande Valley.

They come from Mexico and such Central American countries as Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The number of illegal minors is expected to rise to 90,000 by the end of the year, according to estimates by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Within 72 hours of their arrests, the illegals are turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS). They then are detained at shelters until they can be released to family members while awaiting to appear for a deportation hearing in immigration court.

But U.S. Border Patrol officials readily admit that nearly half of all illegals who receive a court date do not show up.

McCain and his fellow Grand Canyon State Republican, Sen. Jeff Flake, plan to include the requirement as part of a larger package of legislation to address the border crisis.

The legislation also would seek to amend a 2008 law to give the United States more authority to return undocumented children from the non-boarding countries of Central America. It also would allow for their "swifter" return, the senators told Fox News.

They said that the United States has repatriated only 890 of the illegal minors that have been caught since October.

The bill also wants to increase the number of immigration judges to hear cases and create a separate immigration docket to hear the cases of juveniles, citing backlogs in U.S. immigration courts that often result in waits of as long a two years before cases are heard.