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    MD:Blacks Breaking w/Illegal Immigration in Prince George Co

    Blacks breaking with Illegal Immigration in Prince George's County Politics

    July 9, 7:07

    A citizen’s action committee in Prince George’s County, MD, is looking for 2010 candidates and the impact of illegal aliens on our system is one of its issues. About 35 people were at a campaign planning meeting in Bowie July 9. Their goal is to sweep unresponsive Democrats from Annapolis and Upper Marlboro next year. People for Change (PFC) aims to field a slate of candidates in time for the Democratic primary.

    Illegal aliens were mentioned in several of PFC’s other issues as well. For example, the group would like to see responsibility in the educational system, but “special programs,
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    If these people do not want the 287(g) programs then I would say it is their own damn fault they have the problems of illegals and the crime that comes with their presence. But if you ask some of these liberals about the illegal problem they say it is just a myth!
    [quote]They have initiations at 11 a.m. on Wednesdays in homes where boys rape girls. They have no moral code.
    "When you have knowledge,you have a responsibility to do better"_ Paula Johnson

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    Repeat - "The problem for at least the last 20 years is too many Elitist Politicians from both major Political Parties, have been willing to turn the United States into a welfare state to insure most of our citizens obtain Third World status by importing ILLEGALS for "cheap labor" to take United States Citizen’s jobs for their Political Contributors and Special Interest Groups or outsourcing United States Citizen’s jobs to Third World Countries. Too many U.S. Citizens are wrapped up into "winning one" for their political party and our nation's survival becomes secondary to PARTY Loyalty!"

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    Blacks in P.G. county

    As a Black American and former resident of the stinkhole known as P.G. county, MD I can say this is too little, too late. Most blacks in P.G are alarmed about the spanish invasion. I will never forget my former next door neighbor who was from Nigeria, imploring me to stay because he would not have any one left living around him that spoke english. And this is a common theme, but yet my fellow Black people can not seem to get over their love affair with their pimps (The Democrat party). They do not seem to have the analytical skills to see that the dynamics have changed. We are like the old whore that has outlived her value to the pimp and now he has found a beautiful young thing to take our place, but we just can't seem to see it for what it is. Well, the wake up call may have reached some, but most blacks are so far up the Democrat's behind that nothing will pull them out. The majority will never have the common sense to separate from their abusers, and I am afraid that one day soon we might just find ourselves back in the same shackles that our ancestors escaped from so long ago, only this time they will be much more sublime and permanent.

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    Havoc, I am surprised the national black organizations are silent on all of this. They should be screaming louder than LaRaza about what illegals are doing to schools and who are taking jobs away from Americans, no matter what race or ethnicity.
    I attended 4th grade in PG county in the 60s, and it was already starting to turn into a sewer.
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    Havoc, I'm with you there and rest assured it won't just be African-Americans in that ditch. Hispanics are against everyone except other Hispanics. I keep wondering when the leaders are going to say something. Even after the big bust in LA with the Hispanic gangs running African-Americans out of their homes you didn't hear Sharpton say anything. The best I can tell he thinks we are treating them unfairly.

    I used to be a liberal Democrat. The Democrats stopped representing me in my "typical white person" situation a long, long time ago. I've come to realize that as crazy as some of the conservatives are I feel more comfortable with them because they tend to more more slowly and they can be stopped. Liberals seem to move so quickly and they are like side-winders, you can't tell which direction they are going to move and how fast. Plus, they make such radical decisions it takes a long time to recuperate from them. You have to watch them ALL THE TIME! And they seem to make a lot of decisions based on emotions. I could be wrong . . .

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