Media blackout: One of Obama's DREAMERS charged with raping a young girl


Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Dave Gibson Immigration Reform Examiner
October 3, 2013

In July, the Montana State University police arrested Clemente Garcia Arciga, 33, after he reportedly raped a teenage girl multiple times over a three month period.
In September 2012, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle ran a glowing story on Arciga for a four-day series of articles, entitled "The Immigrants Among Us," which basically praised those who have entered the country illegally, detailing their "struggles" along the way.

His father was killed in a gunfight, and he crossed the border with his mother when he was 11, initially settling in the San Francisco Bay area, according to Arciga.
Mediatrackers reported:

...staff writer Gail Schontzler wrote a piece on Arciga detailing his illegal crossing from Mexico as a child into California. Arciga goes on to detail his troubled youth and involvement in gang activity and fighting. He later moved to Montana with family after the birth of his first daughter. After working in construction, Arciga got his GED with the help of adult literacy programs and enrolled as a student at MSU in January of 2012 to study psychology. Arciga told the reporter he wanted to study psychology to become a counselor and help other troubled youths.

When questioned as to whether the accusations were true, Arciga replied, "to a certain extent,"according to investigators.

Arciga has been charged with sexual intercourse without consent and incest. He is currently being held at the Gallatin County Detention center on $50,000 bond.

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If found guilty, Arciga could face a prison sentence of up to 200 years.

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