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    Mexican Airline Offering Migrants Free Airfare to Texas Border

    19 May 2016

    Two foreign airline companies have begun offering steep discounts to Cuban migrants–set for border crossing into western Texas–as thousands rush to the United States in the aftermath of thawing relations with the communist island. Children under age 11 fly free of charge.

    The Panamanian government confirmed to the Associated Press Wednesday that Panama City-based Copa Airlines and Mexico’s Global Air are now offering roughly 30 percent discounts for adult Cuban migrants hoping to cross into the United States with children enjoying complimentary seats. Since May 9, the airlines have reported that almost 2,500 have been shuttled to Ciudad Juarez for easy crossing into El Paso thereafter. An estimated 1,300 await flights booked in the weeks ahead under the promotion.

    Reduced airfare is only the latest in a chain of opportunities provided to Cubans arriving in El Paso. Breitbart Texas previously reported that a local charity effort affiliated with the Catholic Church, Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services, has been coordinating air passengers’ arrival to the Mexican border city with arrangements to connect Cubans to temporary family housing in El Paso and public assistance navigators at the ready for enrollment into Texas’ welfare programs. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Medicaid benefits are made immediately available for new arrivals under state law.

    The latest wave of migrants has largely been attributed to fears that the preferential treatment offered under the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 could soon come to an end as the Obama Administration works to re-establish ties with the Castro regime. The Cold War policy allows fast-track naturalization after one year of consistent residency with welfare benefits available before then. The Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services claim that 80 percent of migrants leave El Paso for Colorado, Michigan and Florida.

    A separate Breitbart Texas report notes that roughly 40,000 have relocated from Cuba to the United States via Central America in recent months. Despite the preferential treatment that waits after bridge crossing in El Paso, significant numbers of migrants claimed to lose patience with the standard process and paid cartel-affiliated human smugglers for assisted illegal entry.

    The AP notes that the significant reduction in airfare came as a result of complaints from high costs. Nicaragua and Costa Rica have closed their borders to the migrants, delaying their journey further.
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    No more Cuban immigrants will be arriving in El Paso

    POSTED: 02:20 PM MDT May 26, 2016
    UPDATED: 02:20 PM MDT May 26, 2016
    Maria Garcia

    EL PASO, Texas -
    The planes carrying hundreds of Cuban immigrants to the border have stopped, according to Ruben Garcia, Director of the Annunciation House.

    The last plane arrived in Ciudad Juarez Wednesday afternoon and approximately 300 Cubans were processed by Customs and Border Protection and allowed to enter the U.S.

    Garcia said about 3,000 Cuban immigrants arrived in El Paso in the last month.

    Many of the immigrants are coming now because they're concerned a better relationship between the U.S. and Cuba means they'll soon stop getting preferential treatment and a stipend when they do make it to the U.S.

    "We're helping them make travel arrangements for them to be reunited with families and friends throughout the United States." said Paola Hernandez, an Austin college student who is in El Paso for the summer and is volunteering at Holy Family Catholic Church, the fifth shelter to open for the migrants.

    Cuban immigrants caught at sea on their way to Miami are turned back. So they now try to get to the U.S. through Central America and Mexico. But when Nicaragua and Costa Rica closed their borders to Cubans, many of them were stranded in Panama. An agreement between Mexico and Panama allowed 9,000 Cubans to fly to the U.S. / Mexico border, where they are processed and allowed in the country on a parole basis awaiting an immigration hearing.

    "Immigration has existed since time began," said parishioner Alberto Aguirre, as he dropped off bags of food to donate at Holy Family.

    "They're very grateful for the attention and the care that we've given them so they're very very excited to be here with us," said Hernandez, the volunteer. She said many of the immigrants are trying to get to Houston or Miami to meet family or friends.

    Annunciation House, who has led efforts to shelter immigrants is trying to raise $1 million to renovate its 100-year old building which has housed 125,000 people from over 40 countries. The shelter is run entirely by volunteers and relies almost exclusively on donations. The brick walls need to resealed, the kitchen must be moved from the second to the first floor, a new HVAC system must be installed and the entire facility needs to be brought into compliance with basic housing, safety, and disability codes, according to the fundraising website.
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    Bulldoze the shelter. Stop the invasion of our Country!

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