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Thread: Mexican deported from US 20 times gets 35 years for assaults on women

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    Mexican deported from US 20 times gets 35 years for assaults on women

    4 hours ago

    Mexican deported from US 20 times gets 35 years for assaults on women

    Associated Press

    Sergio Jose Martinez was accused of assaulting two women this past July. (Multnomah County Sheriff's Office)

    SALEM, Ore. A Mexican man who was deported from the United States more than a dozen times was sentenced Friday in Oregon to 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse and other charges in separate attacks on two women.

    Sergio Jose Martinez told victims' relatives he would see them in hell after the sentence was pronounced Friday in a Portland courtroom.

    Just a day earlier, another man who had also been deported multiple times for being in America illegally, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, was found not guilty by a jury in San Francisco in the shooting death of a woman. That case that touched off a national immigration debate.

    "Unfortunately, after Zarate got acquitted, Martinez is now the boogeyman of the face of immigration," Martinez's lawyer, Jonathan Sarre, said in a phone interview.

    A week before the attacks, Martinez was freed from jail in Portland where he had served time for interfering with police and providing a false birth date. He was let go despite a request from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office to hold him so the agency could take him into custody.

    Oregon became America's first sanctuary state when it adopted a law in 1987 preventing law enforcement from detaining people who are in the United States illegally but have not broken other laws.

    Sheriff Michael Reese said he could not legally continue to hold Martinez on the federal agency's "immigration detainer" request.

    Reese said that if ICE had sent a criminal detention warrant signed by a judge, he could have been held longer.

    "He was released consistent with the orders of the court. No federal or state criminal warrants were present at the time he left our custody," the sheriff said at the time while noting that Martinez had been deported before "and has returned to commit additional crimes."

    "It would help our community to understand how he was held accountable by federal authorities for multiple, illegal re-entries" Reese said.

    U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions highlighted Martinez's case when he visited Oregon in September and urged local jurisdictions that don't cooperate with federal immigration agents to reconsider those policies.

    Martinez attacked the two women in Portland on July 24, one in her home and the other in a parking garage.

    Two relatives of one of the victims and one of the victims herself spoke during the sentencing phase Friday, in which Martinez often grinned. A brother of one victim told Martinez, "Sergio, no sentencing is enough . I rather you rot in hell," KOIN-TV news reported.

    Deputy District Attorney Amity Girt, the prosecutor on the case, said "we had some very powerful victim impact statements that said it all."

    "It was really breathtaking to hear the far-reaching consequences of violent crime, the emotional injury," Girt said in a telephone interview.

    Under the agreement that spared Martinez a possibly longer sentence if he had been found guilty at trial, he pleaded guilty to 10 counts, including first-degree burglary, sodomy, sex abuse, kidnapping, robbery, and second-degree assault, Girt said.

    When Martinez left the courtroom, he told the victims' relatives:

    "See all you guys in hell," KOIN reported.

    Sarre said Martinez, 31, "suffers from some mental illnesses; often such people may do inappropriate things in these situations."

    However, a doctor had declared Martinez competent to stand trial, Sarre said.

    Martinez is not eligible for early release due to a 1994 ballot initiative passed by Oregon voters that establishes mandatory minimum sentences for certain crimes, Sarre said.

    After 35 years, ICE would be able to take him into custody if they monitor his release date, the attorney said.

    By then, Martinez will be 66 years old.

    ICE spokeswoman Lori Haley said that the agency will want Martinez transferred to its custody when he completes his sentence, so it can deport him.

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    Our borders have been revolving doors. Even under President Trump, illegal aliens are pouring in to the United States. It is inexcusable. Are Border Patrol agents stationed on the border or farther inside the United States? Where those little fences are that offer no barrier, agents or National Guard or military should be there at all times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgiaPeach View Post
    Our borders have been revolving doors. Even under President Trump, illegal aliens are pouring in to the United States. It is inexcusable. Are Border Patrol agents stationed on the border or farther inside the United States? Where those little fences are that offer no barrier, agents or National Guard or military should be there at all times.
    Yep, Trump needs to get that damn wall built! A wall won't solve all our border security problems but it will certainly be a step in the right direction!

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    20-Time Deported Sanctuary City Rapist Taunts Relatives At Sentencing

    There's video at the link, it wouldn't post for me.

    20-Time Deported Sanctuary City Rapist Taunts Relatives At Sentencing

    Posted on December 4, 2017 by Rick Wells
    Sanctuary cities protect criminals from deportation, leaving their citizens vulnerable to rape, murder, anything. A 20-time deported illegal alien who brutally attacked two women

    The citizens of Portland, Oregon have themselves to blame and their fellow libtard sanctuary city supporters and facilitators, for the fact that a 20-time deported Mexican illegal with a long criminal history brutally raped two of their female citizens.On Friday, Sergio Jose Martinez, 31, was sentenced to 35 years in prison in that leftist stronghold after he pled guilty to kidnapping, sexual assault, sodomy and multiple other serious offenses.
    In addition to the physical harm he caused his victims and the emotional trauma of their experiences to all involved, Martinez smiled throughout the sentencing and told the family members hed see them all in hell. Thats the kind of individual the City of Portland protects instead of taking care of their innocent citizens.

    On the morning of July 24, when Martinez crawled through the window of a 65-year-old woman who had left it open to cool her home. Using a metal rod as his weapon, he ordered the woman to the ground, bound and blindfolded her, threatening to kill her and then sexually assaulted her.

    When he finished he stole her car and purse. She called the police, who located the vehicle and had it under surveillance. But Martinez was out searching for another victim, whom he found in a parking garage. He threatened her with a knife and beat her head against the concrete floor but was interrupted by a passerby and forced to flee on foot.

    Police caught up with him soon afterwards and arrested him. Now Martinez is behind bars for a long time, one foreigner who should never have been here, was deported twenty times and protected by the city until eventually he preyed in a most violent manner on two of their citizens.It might be a bit harsh to say this is what the proponents of sanctuary cities deserve, but its certainly what they should expect. And all of this suffering and death is completely avoidable. All they have to do is abandon their lawless sanctuary policies, enforce the law and turn these scum over to ICE.
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    Man convicted of attacking two Portland women sentenced for illegally entering U.S.

    Updated 8:43 PM; Posted 1:15 PM
    By Maxine Bernstein

    Sergio Jose Martinez, convicted of sex crimes for attacking two women in Portland last year, was sentenced Monday in federal court for illegally entering the United States before the assaults.

    The case inflamed the illegal immigration debate and drew national attention to Oregon's status as a sanctuary state. It also highlighted an ongoing dispute between local authorities and immigration agents about when to share information on immigrants held in jail.

    U.S. District Judge Robert E. Jones sentenced Martinez to seven years and eight months, plus three years of supervised release, in the federal case. The sentence will run at the same time as Martinez's 35-year state sentence for the attacks.

    Martinez had been removed from the country or deported more than 10 times before the two violent assaults in Portland, Assistant U.S. Attorney Leah Bolstad told the court.

    The two women who were attacked by Martinez on July 24, 2017, attended his federal sentencing but didn't speak. The women supported the plea deal, Bolstad said.

    When the judge asked Martinez if he had anything to tell the court, he said he wanted to verify that he'll serve out his sentence in state prison, Twin Rivers Correctional Institution in Umatilla County, where he's now being held.

    The judge said that was correct but pressed if Martinez wanted to apologize.

    Turning slightly toward the women sitting in the public gallery, Martinez said, "I do apologize. I wasn't in the right set of mind when I did these crimes.''

    Martinez blamed his drug addiction for the assaults and said he started using drugs at age 12. The past year, he said, marks "the longest I've been sober.''

    Martinez sexually assaulted a 65-year-old woman after entering her Northeast Irving Street apartment through an open window, threatening her with a metal rod, tying her up with scarves and socks, punching her then escaping with her car.

    Hours later, authorities said, he attacked another woman at knifepoint as she was leaving work and walking to her car in a parking garage on Northeast Halsey Street. He forced the 37-year-old woman into her car, but she got out. He then tackled her to the ground and repeatedly bashed her head into the concrete before taking her car, according to state prosecutors.

    Martinez, 31, pleaded guilty in December to first-degree sex abuse, first-degree attempted sex abuse, first-degree sodomy, first-degree burglary, two counts of first-degree kidnapping, two counts of first-degree robbery and two counts of second-degree assault.

    Martinez will be deported after completing his 35-year sentence. The three years of federal supervised release was issued in case Martinez were to return to the United States after completing that sentence.

    "We must stop dangerous criminals with no right to be in the U.S. from returning to our streets and reoffending after completing their state sentences," Oregon's U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams said in a statement.

    Williams said nothing in state or federal law prevents local police and jails from sharing information with federal agents about people in the country illegally who face criminal charges.

    Martinez had been arrested and released a half-dozen times from the Multnomah County jail system without notice to immigration officials, who had placed a hold on him. He faced a string of low-level allegations -- including TriMet fare-jumping, failing to appear in court on a trespassing accusation and an escape warrant -- before his final release and the attacks. The sheriff has said he needs a federal criminal arrest warrant signed by a judge to notify immigration officers about an inmate.

    "Giving ICE notice that a defendant is in custody on state charges is permitted under Oregon state law and could have prevented these horrific crimes," Williams said. "Oregonians deserve and expect more. As evidenced by this case, effective communication between federal and state law enforcement is imperative to ensure dangerous illegal aliens are identified and deported according to law."

    Mat dos Santos, legal director of the ACLU of Oregon, said the ACLU condemns the violent sexual assaults Martinez committed.

    "Mr. Martinez' offenses are unrelated to his immigration status,'' dos Santos said in a prepared statement. "Tying these offenses to his immigration status does nothing but appeal to the stereotype that immigrants are dangerous. Instead, research shows that undocumented immigrants commit significantly less crime than citizens born in the United States."
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