Mexican national here 72 hours, is charged with sexual assault in NY
JUNE 1, 2013

Habacu Marin Garduno
booking photo

On Tuesday, police in Hoosick Falls arrested Habacu Marin Garduno, 56, after he reportedly sexually assaulted an 18-year-old girl.

Garduno entered the United States only three days earlier on a special visa program approved by the Obama administration known as "Opening the Doors to Hope," according to police.

The Mexican national was traveling with the Opening the Doors to Hope caravan, when he was arrested.

News 10 reported:

The Hoosick Falls Police Department began investigating Garduno after the young woman reported the assault to staff members at her school.

Police say Garduno traveled from New York City on Sunday with a caravan supposedly protesting U.S.immigration laws, and was staying with a relative when the alleged abuse happened. He was apprehended by police when leaving the area.

"We caught him as he was leaving," Chief Robert Ashe said. "He had his knapsack packed and was already headed down the street."

Police say this case highlights some of the difficulties law enforcement have when dealing with international suspects. Officials say they had difficulties gathering information because the suspect would not talk until he had representation from Mexico.

Garduno has been charged with first-degree sexual abuse and is currently being held at the Rensselaer County Jail on an immigration detainer.

From the "action arm" of the Obama regime, the State sponsored Occupy Wall Street group.

Posted May 23rd, 2013 by OCCU-EVOLVE & filed under Action, Assembly.

Date(s) - 05/23/2013
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Liberty Plaza
Zuccotti Park
New York City

International Humanitarian Pro-Immigrant Coalition (CHIP)

and New Sanctuary Movement NY present:

“Opening the Doors to Hope” Caravan

The Opening the Doors to Hope Caravan is a faith-based partnership of US and Mexican organizations led by Father Alejandro Solalinde. As director of the Brotherhood on the Road shelter, Fr. Solalinde assists and provides spiritual support to Central and South American migrants crossing through Mexico, one of the most dangerous migration paths in the world.

Departing on April 29 from San Diego, CA, the Caravan, including survivors of human rights violations, will make its way across the country until it arrives in New York City on May 22.

The Caravan demands President Obama act to enforce stricter controls on assault weapons. More than 20 million illegal guns have entered Mexico from the United States, 80% of which are military-style weapons now forming the arsenal of Mexico’s drug cartels. Following La Ruta northward, 22,000 migrants have been kidnapped and an additional 70,000 have disappeared. The War on Drugs has resulted in more than 50,000 violent deaths in the last five years.

The New Sanctuary Movement NY cordially invites you to join us in supporting the Caravan led by Fr. Solalinde, clergy and family members of victims. Our hope lies in appealing to our common humanity by opening the doors to hope and walking together to make the difference.

These people are blaming 20 million guns on the US - what a crock of BS. Just a bunch of lilly pandering Socialists. they can go home and take their deviate associates with them. JMO