Feb. 13, 2008, 3:29AM
Mexican police officer arrested on drug charges in Texas

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas — A Mexican police officer has been arrested on drug charges after authorities found 5 kilograms of cocaine in the vehicle he was driving, police said.

The officer's name was not released, but San Antonio police say he worked for the Tamaulipas State Police.

Three others were traveling with the man when they were pulled over by police narcotics and tactical units Tuesday afternoon. Canine units sniffed drugs in a hidden compartment in the radiator of the Suburban the Mexican officer was driving, San Antonio police spokesman Officer Joe Rios.

The drugs were worth about $100,000, but could have garnered up to $1 million on the street, Rios said.

Officers were working from information gathered during an ongoing investigation. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a multi-department drug trafficking taskforce assisted them, Rios said.