Mexican Trucking Program Tied to North American Union

Dana Gabriel
Thursday September 6, 2007

Many ideas and decisions being made now don't make a lot of sense unless you view them with the understanding that the goal is to further merge Mexico, the U.S, and Canada, How else would you account for the lack of immigration enforcement, the push for total amnesty, and open borders. Mexican long haul trucks being granted full access to U.S. roads under a demonstration program is part of the NAFTA commitment. It is also part of a bigger agenda which includes the construction of a superhighway and the creation of a North American Union. It's about reducing costs and increasing profits for the global elite and multinational corporations at the expense of our middle class, safety, security, and sovereignty.

Under NAFTA, Mexican trucks should have already been granted full access to the U.S., but it was then president Bill Clinton who restricted them to a 25 mile commercial zone because of safety concerns. Many safety issues still exist today despite assurances by the Department of Transportation that all Mexican trucks will be pre-screened before crossing the border. The Teamsters Union and others don't believe that the pilot project has complied with all the congressional requirements that were to be met. In an effort to try and block the program, the Teamsters along with Public Citizen and the Sierra Club filed suit. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to temporarily block the demonstration program which could begin as early as September 6.

Many feel that all the safety issues have not been addressed or resolved, and what they are simply asking for is that Mexican trucks and drivers meet the same requirements as their American counterparts. Teamsters Union spokesperson Leslie Miller said, “Just because we have a free trade agreement doesn't mean people can come to our country and do business in a way that doesn't meet our standards.â€