Mexico Deported More Than Twice The Number Of Hondurans As The U.S. Did In 2016

4:42 PM 12/13/2016

Mexico deported more than twice the number of Hondurans in 2016 through November as the United States did, Honduran government figures reveal.

Honduran figures state 66,428 Hondurans were deported from the United States and Mexico from January 2016 through November 2016. Of those deported, 46,187 were from Mexico and 20,146 were from the U.S.

In Fiscal Year 2016, Hondurans was the third highest country of original for individuals deported after immigration court cases, Syracuse University figures show.

Mexico has been having immigration problems all year. The countryís foreign minister expressed worry about an influx of African and Haitian migrants in September, and in October the country deployed troops to their southern border with Guatemala in response to the intrusions.