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    Mexico: Drug war Violence hits Cancun

    3 found dead in SUV outside of Cancun
    By JORGE DOMINGUEZ Associated Press
    Feb. 3, 2009, 2:05PM

    CANCUN, Mexico — The corpses of a retired brigadier general and two other men were found today in a sport utility vehicle abandoned on a highway outside of Cancun, the resort’s mayor said. All had been shot many times.

    Mayor Gregorio Sanchez identified the victims as Mauro Enrique Tello, who recently retired from Mexico’s army; Tello’s assistant Tulio Cesar Roman, an active-duty infantry lieutenant, and civilian Juan Ramirez.

    Tello had been working as a security consultant to the local government when he was killed.

    Officials said they had no suspects or clear motive in the killings.
    The killings are part of a wave of mostly drug-related violence.

    More than 5,000 organized crime homicides were reported last year as the world’s most powerful drug cartels battle for territory and fight off a two-year government crackdown by the army.

    Also today, a Mexican police station near the port of Lazaro Cardenas came under intense gunfire before dawn and officer Jose Cruz Zamorano was killed as he sat in a patrol car parked outside the building, state police said in a statement. Another officer inside the station was injured.

    The attackers escaped. But authorities set up roadblocks looking for them. ... 44495.html

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    Darn, there goes my vacation. KIDDING. Just hope the colleges wake up and kids don't go heading down there for Easter Break.
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    I would think the colleges would put out warnings.Lets hope. The place where I am employed puts out warnings on areas like that.
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