Migrant Apprehensions in El Paso Sector Rising After Brief Decline in January

by BOB PRICE 28 Mar 2023

An El Paso Sector Border Patrol official reports the number of migrant apprehensions is increasing for the second-straight month. The trend reverses a sharp decline in January.

Newly appoints El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Anthony “Scott” Good tweeted a report revealing his agents are apprehending more than 1,1oo migrants per day. This puts the number of apprehensions at nearly 30,000 through the first 27 days of the month.

Anthony “Scott” Good

Agents in El Paso Sector stay busy with encounters averaging over 1,100 a day since March 1st. This FY2023, El Paso Sector leads the nation in total encounters with over 224,000. @CBP


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9:03 PM · Mar 27, 2023

In January, migrant apprehensions fell to 30,035 (968 per day) from 55,770 in December. In February, the number increased to 32,233, according to the February Southwest Land Border Encounters Report.

If the trend reported by Chief Good continues, El Paso Sector agents will apprehend more than 34,000 migrants by midnight Friday night.

Good reported that the El Paso Sector leads the nation with the apprehension of 224,598 migrants between October 1, 2022, and February 28, 2023. The next closest sector is the Del Rio Sector which reports 193,598 apprehended migrants.

Good’s estimate could bring the six-month total for migrant apprehensions to more than 257,000.

These numbers do not include known migrant got-aways — an estimate of migrants known to have crossed the border without being apprehended.

The El Paso Sector reported the highest number of got-aways, Breitbart Texas reported earlier this month. The nearly 17,000 got-aways represent a jump of about 205 percent over last year’s 5,413. El Paso also leads the year-to-date numbers with more than 106,000 estimated known got-aways.