Migrant Convicted of Sexual Battery Arrested After Illegally Returning to U.S.

by RANDY CLARK 3 Dec 2021

Border Patrol agents in Laredo, Texas, arrested Oscar Ordonez with seven other migrants shortly after they illegally entered from Mexico on Thanksgiving Day. Agents discovered Ordonez’s criminal record includes a conviction for sexual battery by force or helplessness. Ordonez, a citizen of El Salvador, was sentenced to 360 days in a Virginia prison for his 2016 crime.

After release, Ordonez was deported to El Salvador as a result of his conviction. On August 5, 2016, the Fairfax County Police Department arrested Ordonez after receiving a sexual assault report. The arrest garnered significant media attention in the area.

According to police accounts, days prior to the arrest, a 47-year-old woman was approached by Ordonez in an auto parts store. Ordonez offered the woman a ride to another parts supplier as the store did not have the item she needed.

The woman claimed Ordonez told her he had to pick up some co-workers and drove to the Brookside Motel in Alexandria. During their conversation, the woman claimed Ordonez offered her employment with a cleaning service but would need to complete a “medical exam” to secure the job. She agreed and accompanied Ordonez to a motel room.

The woman told police she was in the motel room when Ordonez sexually assaulted her. Ordonez then drove the woman to her work location. Major Crimes Division detectives worked with the victim to positively identify Ordonez and obtained a warrant for rape.

Ordonez now faces felony charges of re-entry after removal as an aggravated felon. If convicted, he could face up to 20 years in federal prison.

Migrant Convicted of Sexual Battery Arrested After Illegally Returning to U.S. (breitbart.com)