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    Minuteman co-founder says group hounded by "domestic te

    Minuteman co-founder says group hounded by "domestic terrorists"
    By Wilson Ring, Associated Press Writer | October 13, 2005

    MONTPELIER, Vt. --A co-founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps says its volunteers have been harassed by what he calls "domestic terrorists" who have threatened violence.
    Chris Simcox said the groups, which he did not identify, should be investigated.

    "I think those groups should be investigated by the FBI as hate groups and as domestic terrorists," Simcox said in a voice mail message. "They've been showing up at our meetings and causing property damage and advocating violence."

    Simcox did not return a call Thursday seeking additional comment.

    Simcox said a number of Minuteman volunteers were on the U.S. Canadian border in Vermont earlier this month watching for illegal border crossings and volunteers would be there this weekend and on weekends through the end of the month.

    Border Patrol officials said Wednesday agents had been ordered to report any Minuteman activity, but none had been spotted since the beginning of the month when the Minuteman organization began a monthlong operation on the U.S. Canadian border.

    Simcox said the volunteers had been keeping a low profile.

    "We don't typically turn it into a dog and pony show because of the aggressive groups who advocate violence against our law abiding volunteers," he said.

    "We keep our volunteers pretty safe in that way since there are so many domestic terrorists here that are advocating open borders," Simcox said.

    Up to 100 people are expected in Derby Line on Saturday to protest the Minuteman presence in Vermont. A spokeswoman for the protesters said she was aware of protests against groups like the Minuteman that have taken place in other parts of the country.

    "I do know that over the past year there have been actions to oppose them, like we're planning to do," said Leah Siegel of Burlington. She described herself as a member of the International Socialist Organization. "I have never heard of opposition causing property damage or violence."

    But Siegel said the protesters would try to get the Minuteman volunteers to leave.

    "It's not that we are violent, but we do have the intention of making them leave wherever they are," Siegel said. "The intent is not to be violent."

    Simcox's message did not say if he believed the protesters expected in Derby Line this weekend were the domestic terrorists he was referring to.

    Both the state police and the Border Patrol said they were aware of the plans by the Minuteman volunteers and the protesters. Officials from both organizations said they did not expect trouble.

    The Minuteman organization does not believe the federal government is doing enough to stem illegal border crossing. On the U.S.-Mexican border in Arizona, Minuteman volunteers have set themselves up in strategic areas and reported illegal activity to the Border Patrol.

    The organization claims to have helped apprehend hundreds of illegal border crossers on the southern border. ... errorists/
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    Wow, a socialist wanting open borders? Knock me down with a feather! Humm seems to me that the lady and group is on the wrong side of that northern border IMO.

    "It's not that we are violent, but we do have the intention of making them leave wherever they are," Siegel said. "The intent is not to be violent."
    Humm those two statements to me sound like an admission to violence, or is it just me?
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