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    More evidence of lame-duck AMNESTY push?

    Proposed Dream Act will now include a wider group of migrants

    Phoenix, Arizona—Chicanos Unidos Arizona has learned that Democrats will try and push through immigration reform before the likely takeover of the House by Republicans in January. An activist in Harry Reid's camp has sent us a proposed revised version of the Dream Act, which may or may not make it to debate. It will include amnesty for a wider group of immigrants than previously thought.

    Under the formerly proposed Dream Act, children of undocumented immigrants who attend two years of college or join the military will be eligible for U.S. citizenship. They would have to be between the ages of 15 and 35. Under the new Dream Act, the students wouldn’t have to attend college; they would just need to graduate high school. The new age range is wider: 5 to 45. If children of undocumented migrants graduate college or successfully complete four years in the military, their families will be eligible for U.S. citizenship as well.

    Gina Gallagos, an Arizona La Raza political activist who has had several meetings with Obama’s administration, tells us that if Obama can’t get this legislation voted on, he has a “backdoor

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    He probally won't let them down but he will let the legal citizens of this country down

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    This story stinks to high heaven.

    I think Harry Reid has his Hispanic followers spreading this lie to get them to vote for Democrats in the election.
    "A Government big enough to give you everything you want,is strong enough to take everything you have"* Thomas Jefferson

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    The DREAMers think that it is a misinformation effort by the Examiner to rile up anti-illegals.


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