Monday, June 10, 2013 – Released by: Deputy Kevin Suthard, Public Information Officer
(Wentworth, NC) – Rockingham County North Carolina Sheriff Sam Page made the following statement today concerning a recent letter to Federal lawmakers on the Senate Immigration Bill signed by himself and Sheriffs from more than seventy-five other counties across North Carolina:
“Our first responsibility and highest duty as Sheriffs is to provide for the safety of the citizens residing in the communities we serve. Unfortunately, this flawed immigration bill which was produced by the ”Gang of Eight” Senators puts the public safety of citizens across the U.S. at risk and hampers the ability of law enforcement officers to do their jobs, both now and in the future. It appears that this bill was written with the input of special interest INSTEAD of Border Patrol Agents, I.C.E. Agents, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and everyday citizens.
This Senate Bill (S.744) should be opposed by lawmakers and instead, Congress should work with law enforcement on reforms that we already have, and are willing to propose, that will enhance public safety.
In just a short time, over seventy-five Sheriffs from across North Carolina, serving counties both big and small across this great state, have signed the attached letter opposing this current Senate Immigration plan. These Sheriffs did not sign because of political affiliation, but because they seek to protect the citizens they serve, their counties and this great nation.
We expect this list to continue to grow, as I have also reached out to Sheriffs and other law enforcement officials from across the country, including I.C.E. and U.S. Border Patrol Agents.
It is our hope that the entire U.S. Congressional Delegation will read this letter, listen to it, and work with us to protect the safety of the citizens that we serve. Homeland Security begins at our BORDERS, and if we fail to secure our borders, then EVERY Sheriff in America will become a ‘Border Sheriff’.”
Additional Information (.pdf format):
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