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Thread: MSNBC Finally Realizes Trump Really Has Built New Border Wall, Freaks Out

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    MSNBC Finally Realizes Trump Really Has Built New Border Wall, Freaks Out

    Brad Wilmouth
    October 3rd, 2020 10:35 PM

    Over the past couple of years, much of the liberal media have tried to dismiss President Donald Trump's new border as not really "new" because there was already a barrier there, even though that barrier was shoddy, ineffective and sorely in need of redesign and replacement.

    On Thursday afternoon. MSNBC host Katy Tur and correspondent Jacob Soboroff admitted the error of their ways as they fretted over the "consequences" of the new and improved border wall.

    (video may be viewed at source link)

    Tur introduced the segment:

    Much of what the President claims, though, is the new border wall he's built over the last four years is actually just replacement for what was already there. You've heard that a lot. But, weeks out from the election, NBC News found that so-called "replacement" isn't as insignificant as Democrats or some fact-checkers have claimed.

    After bringing aboard Soboroff, she then informed viewers: "So, Jacob, you know, we've said this on this show, 'It's not new wall -- it is replacement wall.' You went down there to take a look. It's kind of not -- it's kind of -- it's accurate, but it doesn't tell the full story, does it?"

    Soboroff responded: "I've said the same thing as well, and it turns out that we were all incorrect. The reality is, while the Democrats and fact checkers might technically be right, it is not that simple. And when you go down there and look for yourself, it's easy to understand why."

    In a pre-recorded piece of almost six minutes, the MSNBC correspondent showed footage of him speaking with anti-wall activists who work near the border, and actually showed viewer the stark difference between the primitive barrier already in place in some places and the more impressive wall being built:

    SOBOROFF: When we hear people talking about that President Trump "is really only building a handful of miles of new wall, and the rest of it is replacement," almost in a dismissive way, "It's just hundreds of miles of replacement -- there was already something there." That something is this. (Soboroff turns around and points to a shoddy-looking barrier.) And they're replacing it --

    LAIKEN JORDAHL, ANTI-WALL ACTIVIST: With this. ... Yeah, this idea that it's just a replacement, at best, it's misguided. At worst, it's a complete flat-out lie. I think people don't want to give the administration a win on that, but the reality is, the wall's going up. This notion that it's not "new" really takes away from the fact that this is ripping Arizona and the rest of the border lands in two.

    After the piece that was six minutes long finished airing, Soboroff lamented:

    (video may be viewed at source link)

    Whether it is new wall or replacement wall, dismissing any of it is a mistake. When you talk to people on the ground, they say that whether it's the environment, whether it's migration, whether it's wildlife, the impacts of this are going to be extremely significant, and the President -- as you heard there -- is doing exactly what he promised he was going to do.

    Tur wrapped up the segment: "Elections have consequences."

    Regular viewers of Fox News Channel would already be way ahead on this issue since they already informed their viewers of the improved nature of the new wall last year.

    This episode of MSNBC Live with Katy Tur was sponsored by Progressive. Their contact information is linked.

    Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Thursday, October 1, MSNBC Live with Katy Tur:

    (again, may be viewed at source link)
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    Every illegal alien apprehended in this country should be processed within 90 minutes and expelled back over the FIRST border they illegally crossed.

    End birthright citizenship. They are not U.S. citizens, never were. Another SCAM by the Democrat party that they have gotten away with.
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