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    Napolitano Declares Emergency, OKs Funding for Border ... -15-05.htm

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    Napolitano Declares Emergency, OKs Funding for Border

    By Paul Davenport/
    Associated Press
    PHOENIX â€

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    It is about time she did something. Enforce immigration laws!

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    Richardson's declaration Friday covered four New Mexico counties along the border and let him free up money to help law enforcement, to pay for a state Office of Homeland Security field office, to fence a Columbus-area livestock yard where cattle have been killed or stolen and other similar efforts.
    Yeah, let's not let them steal cattle once they're here. This is the kind of half-measure that tends to pacify but which does little or nothing to stem the flow. Richardson and Napolitano are not serious about illegal immigration. They are posturing to try to pacify the outraged citizenry.

    If they wanted to really do something they would call out the national guard. Oh yeah, I forgot, they are over in Iraq defending its borders.

    As Yakov Smirnov (sp?) once said, "What a country!"
    When we gonna wake up?

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    Napolitano's order said failure by the federal government to secure the border allowed a flood of illegal immigration that threatened public health and safety, "thereby necessitating immediate action by the state ... to aid its border counties.''
    She's right. As much as I hate her, she's right. Bush has done absolutely nothing to stem the flow of the invasion. His outright neglience as well as his aiding and abetting of the situation everyday puts American lives at risk. This guy has put our national security and economy at risk of being destroyed from within. This traitor should be outright impeached for his failure to do the job he claims he tries everything in his power to do. Now we have states trying to do the job that is really a federal issue. Bush should be ashamed of himself, but he has no shame so it's a moot point. The Republican party is finished as far as I'm concerned. They'll never win another mandate again.

    We know the Dems are scum, but since winning the majority in 2002, tell me what has the Republican party done for America? What? They are all criminals to me and they all deserve not a vote, they all deserve IMPEACHMENT.
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    If Gov. Napolitano would stop binding up Proposition 200 in a bunch of useless legalese and actually let it pass she would be about half the way there already! Once the criminal aliens know that they won't be getting any more FREE STUFF from the Az. taxpayers it'll do alot to stop them from coming.

    The damned thing already passed last NOVEMBER, and has yet to be put into action because she's afraid of it's ramifications on her career if she signs it into law. Ironically, signing it would make her MORE popular. Until she signs Prop. 200 into law I say she's full of garbage.

    As for Gov. Richardson, I wonder if he'll be called a "racist" by the real racists for declaring a state of emergency. He's Hispanic, but now is a "race traitor" and a "pig" by definition. And yet neither of them will mobilize any troops to defend their states! There still have to be some around. Even a few ANG pilots (I'm 99% certain they aren't deployed) doing "no fly zones" over the borders would do alot to quell the problem

    O'Reilly had Gov. Richardson on last night and said that we are in a full blown invasion. Richardson agreed. Let's see what he does now. I personally won't pass judgement on any of them yet, but I do want to see results.

    Gov.'s Schwarzenegger and Perry (TX) won't do squat for fear of offending the RNC, by the way.

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    I thought this better attached with the State it is in.

    Local News

    County declares border emergency

    By Michael Sullivan
    Wednesday, August 24, 2005 2:01 PM MDT


    BISBEE - Following on the heels of Gov. Janet Napolitano's Aug. 15 declaration of a border emergency, the Cochise County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning took similar action.

    The "Declaration of Local Emergency to Address Illegal Immigrant Impacts in Cochise County" says "Å* an emergency exists as a result of illegal immigration and its resulting impacts, which endanger life or property."

    The resolution asks the state to provide personnel, equipment and "fiscal assistance" to the county as needed, and calls upon the governor to do "everything within her power and authority to convince the federal government to assume full responsibility, including fiscal responsibility, to resolve this crisis."

    The impact of illegal immigration has shown up in several ways in the county, including an increase in criminal activity that affects law enforcement, the court system, the county jail population and requests for medical assistance.

    State statute authorizes the board of supervisors to declare a local emergency. By declaring a local emergency, separate from the governor's declaration, the board can call direct attention to the county's need for state assistance in both money and resources.

    "The county is grateful that the governor is doing everything within her power on our behalf," said board Chairman Pat Call in a prepared statement afterward. "However, we have to continue to convince the federal government that we are, and have been, in a crisis down here. Our county resources are stretched to the breaking point and we can't wait for the one-size fits all long-term solution."

    According to procedure for requesting emergency funding, the county would usually have to declare its own state of emergency in order to receive any state assistance.

    Declaring support would not have precluded the county from receiving money, but declaring a local emergency puts more emphasis on the county's specific needs.

    "We are at ground zero for undocumented immigration into this country," said board Vice Chairman Paul Newman. "This emergency declaration is a clarion call to the federal government to assist our county's economic and emotional burdens. There is no easy legislative fix to this complex problem. In the meantime, this declaration should put us in good stead to receive much-needed federal and state reimbursement for our overtaxed criminal justice and health-care systems."

    No sunset date has been included in the resolution. The board of supervisors has the authority to evoke emergency powers if necessary and to declare when the state of emergency has lifted.

    District 3 Supervisor Richard Searle summed up the necessity of declaring a local state of emergency above and beyond supporting the governor's declaration.

    "A resolution of support doesn't go far enough in reminding those in Washington that we have an emergency in Cochise County," he said. "We've been dealing with this crisis for so long we are almost numb to it."

    Officials from Cochise, Pima and Santa Cruz counties are scheduled to meet with representatives from the governor's office at 8:30 a.m. today at the Windemere Hotel and Conference Center.

    HERALD/REVIEW reporter Michael Sullivan can be reached at 515-4682 or by e-mail at
    You can not be loyal to two nations, without being unfaithful to one. Scubayons 02/07/06

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