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    Nashville Mayor David Briley Tweets How-to Video in Spanish Telling Illegal Aliens Ho

    (Video at Link)

    Nashville Mayor David Briley Tweets How-to Video in Spanish Telling Illegal Aliens How to Avoid Capture by ICE

    August 8, 2019

    Jason Reynolds


    Metro Nashville Mayor David Briley, who is in a run-off election to renew his term, is helping illegal aliens to avoid federal authorities.

    Briley tweeted a how-to video in Spanish on avoiding capture by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency: “If you or a family member have an encounter with ICE, it’s important to know your rights and have a plan. Watch this video to learn more:”.

    A translation follows.


    I am Mayor David Briley. I know that many immigrant families in Nashville are worried about the recent news announcing possible activities of immigration agents.

    So far we do not have any report of such activity. However it is important that everyone is prepared. Please know your rights and make a plan for your family.

    You have rights in the United States regardless of your immigration status. You have the right not to open your door unless the agents have an order signed by a judge. You have the right to remain silent and not sign papers before talking to a lawyer.

    The Coalition for the Rights of Immigrants and Refugees of Tennessee [TIRRC] have several resources to help you make a plan. Please visit their social media or call 615-414-1030.

    To all families that are afraid, I tell you that you are welcome. In Nashville we are happy to have you here and we will do our best to keep you families safe.

    Then, Briley tweeted: “Everyone deserves to feel safe in America — no matter where they come from — and @realDonaldTrump‘s ICE raids in Mississippi today are a disgrace to our values as a nation. I will continue working to ensure Nashville is a welcoming place for all residents.”

    Briley is not doing well in polling in the mayoral run-off election, according to a story by The Tennessee Star.

    Nashville mayoral candidate John Cooper has a 33 percent lead over his opponent David Briley, the incumbent.

    This, going by a poll Cooper and his campaign staff reportedly commissioned, according to various news sources.

    According to the Nashville-based NewsChannel 5, the Global Strategy Group conducted the poll and found 59 percent of respondents favored Cooper while only 26 percent favored Briley.

    Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
    Photo “David Briley” by David Briley. Background Photo “David Briley Video” by David Briley
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    This Mayor needs to be prosecuted!

    Where is A.G. Barr!!!


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