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Thread: New Map Shows How Much Illegal Immigration Costs Your State By V. Saxena 1 Comment Fa

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    New Map Shows How Much Illegal Immigration Costs Your State By V. Saxena 1 Comment Fa

    New Map Shows How Much Illegal Immigration Costs Your State

    By V. Saxena

    A new map depicting the amount of money every state wastes on taking care of and educating illegal immigrants has been released, and frankly, this map ought to anger the heck out of you.

    Published by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the map shows that 18 states spend more than $1 billion per year on feeding, clothing and educating illegal immigrants.

    Combined, all 50 states spend a whopping $84 billion per year to subsidize illegal immigrants, though if we were to add federal spending to the equation, that value would skyrocket to at least $113 billion.

    Take a look at the map below:

    Note that these numbers are based on data that FAIR collected in 2009 and 2010. If the costs were to be updated, they would likely be significantly higher given all the illegal immigrants that President Obama has allowed to remain in the United States.

    When these numbers were first published, Fox News pointed out that “in states with the largest number of illegals, the costs of illegal immigration are often greater than current, crippling budget deficits.”

    Take California, for instance, where illegal immigration cost an estimated $21.88 billion in 2010, which was approximately $8 billion more than the state’s $13.8 deficit.

    Illegal immigration clearly does more than just waste taxpayer funds; it also robs communities of money that should be spent on far more pertinent matters, such as educating the children of actual American citizens.

    In a report published in 2010, FAIR argued that there were only two choices to dealing with illegal immigration:
    One choice is pursuing a strategy that discourages future illegal migration and increasingly diminishes the current illegal alien population through denial of job opportunities and deportations.

    The other choice would repeat the unfortunate decision made in 1986 to adopt an amnesty that invited continued illegal migration.
    Unfortunately, Obama remains hellbent on pursuing the latter option, regardless of what the Supreme Court has to say about it.


    Rizzard Core @rizzardcore

    #obama: "the #deportation of #illegals will remain a low priority unless you've committed a crime"
    Let that soak in.
    10:28 PM - 24 Jun 2016

    Even worse, it is we the American people who must ultimately pay for his illegal actions and his beloved illegal immigrants!
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    Money that should be spent on our roads and bridges, our water systems, rebuilding our Country...putting American's to work and off welfare and food stamps! Legal citizens paying into the system, paying down our debt, and rebuilding communities, especially our inner cities.

    We do not need more crime, more ghettos, more drugs, more gangs, more division, more diseases and more breeding overwhelming our hospitals, schools and neighborhoods!

    No freebies!

    Turn them right back around. All minors apprehended to be turned over into the care and custody of THEIR Embassy for deportation!
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