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    VIDEOS: Sunday shows comment on DREAM act defeit.

    Sunday show guests assail GOP's opposition to DREAM Act

    FOX News's Juan Williams laments the failure of the DREAM Act during the December 19, 2010, edition of FOX's "FOX News Sunday" program

    Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) accuses Democrats of engaging in partisan politics and interest group payback during the December 19, 2010, edition

    Andrea Mitchell, Cory Booker, and Mark McKinnon on the DREAM Act

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    When will people start blaming those who are responsible for this. It is not the United States fault nor that of any politician but rather the parents who immigrated here illegally and brought their children with them. If they stayed in their country and followed our immigration laws to come here legally the children would not be in the situation they are in.
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    well let me tell you something . they mess up our country & they want a free ride which they did get . & now the American are sick of this
    & we are still going to fight. you they are iin our school free lunch
    free med care food stamps . you name it they get it well I can not get Any thing . they get 200. dollar food stamp a Month my friends get 16.00 month now you tell me what the hell is going on. ship them the hell home .
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    These reporters just repeat what La Raza, Reid, Pelosi, Obama have been saying for a long time: amnesty for illegal aliens. They come here illegally; therefore, they must not get amnesty. Period. Enforce the laws and that is it.

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    Its time to slap down these morons

    Illegal aliens have nothing to do with this country , we don't want them and we will make them leave

    I could care less if they are kids or 90 years old , They all need to go

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    somewhere near Mexico I reckon!
    29% of Hispanics voted for McCain
    Hello that would be 29% of Hispanic Americans dumbass!
    Who are also losing their jobs to they're illegal brothers and cousins!
    If you're not for border security and enforcement you're against US!
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    I saw that Meet the Press episode this morning. It's hard to take those shows without the blood boiling. Between That "No Labels" guy and Alan Greenspan's Wife (Mitchell), it was puke time. I am so sick of the line "we are a nation of immigrants" NO, we are a nation of Laws.
    They also mentioned the Hispanic Vote as some kind of threat to those who voted NO to the DREAM act. Were they sleeping in November?
    These shows never have real conservatives as guests. It's always the same weak RINOs or big Government Neo-Cons.

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