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Nine Arrested in Stabbing of Teens

Jan 2, 2007 04:12 PM PST

Reported by Jennifer Cavazos

Police say gangs in Raymondville are not a huge problem in their area, but Thursday a gang related stabbing makes neighbors wonder if gangs will begin to invade their neighborhood.

Virginia Shuey has lived in the small Raymondville neighborhood for six years.

"No traffic, no noise, the calm atmosphere and we have it here," says Virginia.

Virginia says the most crime this side of town has ever seen are a few break-ins.

Virginia says,"Raymondville is not that large, so anything that happens to it we all know it."

But never any problems with gangs, until now.

"I see the writings on one of my buildings, the gang slogan. I wonder if they're coming closer to us here. But in general, the court system doesn't punish them enough and they need to make them pay," says Virginia.

Last week, Raymondville police tell us members from the ‘Brown Pride' gang started a confrontation with two teenagers - 14 and 16 years old - at Northstar Apartments.

The exchange of words got physical, about a mile down the road, in the neighborhood near the high school where both teens ended up getting stabbed.

"From my understanding, there is a history among these juveniles involved as far as victims and the suspects," says Detective Marcelino Flores with Raymondville Police.

Nine suspects were arrested, six adults and three juveniles. While this particular gang is a new one in town, police tell us they're beginning to see adults and juveniles mix together.

Marcelino says, "Usually what happens is they start off as juveniles and grow into adults and that's pretty much what happened in this case. Most of the problems started off as juveniles and now they've become adults."

What neighbors say is unusual is most of the gang activity happens areas of town but police say, gangs don't discriminate.

All nine suspects are charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of engaging in organized criminal activity.

The two teens have been released from the hospital healing from stab wounds.