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    NJ: ACLU seeks injunction against Riverside

    ACLU seeks injunction against Riverside


    RIVERSIDE — A coalition of local business owners represented by American Civil Liberties Union attorneys has filed a motion in state Superior Court to prevent Riverside from ever enforcing its controversial illegal immigration law.

    James Katz, who represents the Riverside Co-alition of Business Owners and Landlords on behalf of the ACLU, said the organization filed a motion for a permanent injunction to prohibit the township from enforcing the Riverside Illegal Immigration Relief Act.

    “The bottom line is we believe they don't have the power or right to enforce this ordinance,

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    ACLU, trying to destroy America for over 80 years!
    We are NOT a nation of immigrants!

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    I still would rather these towns decided to just enforce their existing laws - traffic laws, health laws, zoning laws. It would go a long way to making a city unattractive to illegals.

    In Ft. Worth, Texas, there was a story on the local TV about how many people in FW had bypassed the water meter and was using water free. In fairnes, the news organization went to some doors and only talked with 2 people, one woman and a man whom you couldn't see. Both spoke with a very pronounced Mexican accent, however. I guess the viewer had to form their own opinions - and I did.

    I don't know about FW, but in many cities, your water, sewer, and trash pickup is all on one bill. These people were defrauding the city, the taxpayers and the other utility users. They were stealing from them.
    In our small town, the cost of those three items is $85 a month. If these people had been doing this for some time, it would amount to quite a bit of money.

    Guess what the city spokesman said the punishment would be - $50 added to their first bill!!!! That probably didn't make up for the first month of stolen services.

    There had to be more they could/should have done.

    As an aside, I always wondered how the meter reader didn't realize he/she was passing an occupied house and wasn't reading the meter.
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