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    Not Trumpís Fault: Honduran Mother Sends 7-Month-Old Baby Across Rio Grande with Teen

    Not Trumpís Fault: Honduran Mother Sends 7-Month-Old Baby Across Rio Grande with Teen Brother So US Will Take Care of Them

    Oct. 26, 2020
    Jim Hoft

    Joe Biden and Democrats are using illegal alien children as a weapon to attack President Trump.

    The left, even Joe Biden and the leftwing moderator at the presidential debate, used illegal alien children to bludgeon Trump. Biden even blamed Trump over the more than 500 children who remain in DHS custody and have not been reunited with parents.

    Of course, they were lying. According to Bizpac Review:

    DHS has taken every step to facilitate the reunification of these families where the parents wanted such reunification to occur. The simple fact is, after contact was made with the parents to reunite them with their children, many parents have refused. In the current litigation for example, out of the parents of 485 children whose plaintiffís counsels have been able to contact, they have yet to identify a single family that wants their child reunited with them in their country. The result is the children remain in the U.S. while their parents remain in the home country. The reunification process is a whole of government approach involving CBP, ICE, and HHS.

    Itís not President Trumpís fault that parents are dumping their kids at the US border.

    On Monday DHS announced the arrival of a 7-month-old baby at the border.
    The baby was snuck across the Rio Grande River.

    CBP reported:

    U.S. Border Patrol agents located several unaccompanied children, including a 7 month old traveling with his teen brother.

    Saturday night, McAllen agents working near Hidalgo, Texas, apprehended 17 illegal aliens shortly after a human smuggler rafted them across the Rio Grande. A majority of the group consisted of unaccompanied children, including a 7 month old.

    Agents interviewed a 13-year-old Honduran national, who was carrying the infant, and learned their mother abandoned them three weeks prior to their entry into the United States. Agents verified their relationship after the teenager provided agents with two birth certificates.

    The children were in good health and did not require medical treatment.

    The public is encouraged to take a stand against crime in their communities and report suspicious activity at 800-863-9382.

    Even with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, human smugglers continue to try these brazen attempts with zero regard for the lives they endanger nor to the health of the citizens of our great nation. The U.S. Border Patrol agents of the Rio Grande Valley Sector will continue to safeguard the nation and community against these criminal elements.
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    These teenagers LIE. There is no way a 13 year old took care of a 6 month old baby for 3 weeks without the mother.

    Process and hand those UACs over into the care and custody of their Embassy or Consulate for immediate plane ride back home to Honduras and their countries of origin.

    They have Grandma and relatives back home...reunite them there!

    Their countries delivers them to their doorstep!


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