Illegal aliens, terror, future decline
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
By John Burtis

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The US Senate has recently voted to begin debate on a huge new bill designed to welcome tens of millions illegal aliens to our country, including thousands of terrorists, criminals, drug dealers, coyotes, and the like. Unfortunately very few have dared calculate the cost of this bill in money, where some estimate its future impact at 3 trillion dollars, the loss of innocent lives, and in the vast changes which will occur in the make up of our country should this travesty be passed.

Last Thursday, sometime after 1:28 pm EDT, I heard the low sonorous and easily recognizable voice of Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) explain to us all that an immigration bill had been agreed to and that shortly we'd be creating another brand new utopia for those who come to our country by illegal means. And the elements of this new bill before us, which he limned as if in a trance, are slated to insure that amnesty is carried out, are utterly terrifying.

I haven't met a single soul, who'll talk that is, who actually believes that the simple strictures the great liberal senator has offered us, like going home and coming back, and then paying a pittance at a government tollbooth for entry onto the highway to full citizenship, amount to anything more than a great waving of a 3,000 mile magical wand over the heads of a growing multitude to change them, presto, into English speaking, ha, Americans who will have some sort of allegiance to the ideals we have always offered immigrants.

There is a movie, Aliens, directed by Ridley Scott, which is a tour de force about the unchecked onslaught of an alien organism which is allowed aboard the space vehicle despite warnings to the contrary by other members of the crew, and which proceeds to have the run of the place as it grows unchecked. Only one crew member escapes. She then discovers that the alien has even boarded this final safety apparatus. She finally jettisons the beast into outer space and survives. But this is only a fictional movie.

In a few years, in America, there will be no escape and nowhere to hide.

There is an excellent video, where Roy Beck discusses the impacts of this alien flood with the use of graphics, with a deft explanation of where we were, once, and where we may be going if the latest senate bill is hurriedly passed and our dangerously porous borders are allowed to continue on into the glorious future.

It has been said that the current senate bill is on the fast track and that the issuance of an outline sans the final document was necessary to insure its rapid passage. Unfortunately, as so often happens, the devil is in the details, and they are designed to cloak the growing monster in our midst, just as the steam and the ductwork hid the Alien on that doomed space freighter.

Where we once had stable population growth, we now have a charnel house. Where the taxpayers once paid for their own projects, they are now paying for the infrastructure demanded as a result of this almost totally unchecked tidal wave of illegal immigrants. And today, where English was once the proud language of our land, the White House operates a second and differing website.

We were once able to openly discuss this problem anywhere we pleased. Today we are cowed by an inimical political system, craven base politicians of the ilk of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and the draping of all constructive conversations on immigration with the invidious and highly destructive veil of "political correctness", which precludes all mention of certain topics and which creates the illusion that we, the honest law abiding citizens of the United States of America, are the problem, that we are the mote in the eye of the southern expansion, and that the lawless brigands invading our society are the answer to all of our economic and social prayers.

Not long ago I mentioned the famous phrases by Teddy Roosevelt on America to a liberal friend of mine. He explained that it showed an America which did not appreciate foreign culture, where American citizens were suffering from the pains of an unbridled nationalism following our westward expansion and its accompanying genocide, just as it demonstrated a decided naiveté which is no longer found among our cultural and liberal elites today. Sadly, the conversation always comes to American genocide, our past failures to bend and not break in the winds of change, and our eternal lack of sophistication.

That the legal American taxpayer is always at fault in all matters is the common theme today, save for the emptying of our pockets to bankroll the onrush of crooks, the mentally ill, and the children born of this unchecked invasion.

This view is also reinforced by the leveling of our forefathers, where men like Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Teddy Roosevelt, are routinely denigrated, vilified, and hung out to dry on a laundry line of fictional ills, from fathering half-caste children to being bloodthirsty and brutal savages for defending our nation's right to survive in a world filled with pirates and murderers, who are called Hamas, Hezbollah, and al-Qaeda today.

Nope, there is a growing threat to the survival of the country we cherished and died for growing among us. And this problem may fully wreak our downfall and determine the pace of our accelerating descent into barbarism quicker than a few nukes tossed our way by Osama bin-Laden or Mr. Ahmadinejad.

This failure to acknowledge the perils of unchecked immigration is a cancer on our national character which will decidedly effect our future survival. Sadly, there is nowhere to run or hide from its growing and deleterious impacts if those running our country choose to remain blind to its ills.