NY congressman who attacked Trump for his bodega visit entered the U.S. ILLEGALLY

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A federal lawmaker who attacked former President Donald Trump for his visit to a New York City bodega reportedly entered the country in an illegal manner back in the 1960s.Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief of the National Pulse, disclosed this in a post on X. He took aim at Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY), the congressman who slammed the former president on social media. Kassam even attached a snippet of an article attesting to Espaillat's unlawful entry in the United States.
"Espaillat and his parents came to the country on a tourist visa, then overstayed it. They lived illegally in the country for a little less than a year before he and his parents acquired green cards," the article snippet stated.
"Espaillat says the process was easier back then. His parents got an affidavit from an employer, medical tests, a police background check and proof of savings in their bank account."
The congressman who hails from the Dominican Republic previously served in both houses of the New York State Legislature. He was subsequently elected as a member of the U.S. Congress in 2016 and took office the year after. Espaillat represents the 13th district of the Empire State, which includes the East Harlem area.
The Democratic congressman took to X to denounce Trump on April 16, after the former chief executive visited a bodega in East Harlem a neighborhood he represents.
"Trump didn't do his homework. My district is progressive and my constituents are honest, hardworking New Yorkers who don't have time for [his] division, hate and chaos. Trump has no place in my district," wrote Espaillat.
Harlem actually WELCOMES Trump, contrary to Espaillat's claims

Despite the former illegal alien-turned-congressman's claims, his "progressive" district gave Trump a warm welcome. The former president had spent much of April 16 confined to a Manhattan courtroom. Trump faces prosecution by the borough's District Attorney Alvin Bragg over spurious allegations in the "hush money" trial involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels. (Related: Trump will be found guilty in NYC and Bragg will try to imprison him.)
After appearing in court, Trump stopped by the Sanaa Convenience Store where clerk Jose Alba was attacked by 35-year-old Austin Simon, an African-American. Surveillance footage captured Simon's attack on Alba, which prompted the clerk who hails from the Dominican Republic just like Espaillat to fatally stab the assailant and convicted felon in self-defense.
Alba was arrested and charged with murder, being held at Rikers Island for weeks. However, Bragg dropped the charges within weeks, claiming that his office could not prove the clerk had not acted in self-defense. Despite this, Alba was so traumatized by the incident that he flew back to his home country explaining why he wasn't present during Trump's visit.
Instead, the store's co-owner Maad Ahmed and Francisco Marte, president of the Bodega and Small Business Group (BSBG) met with the former president. The BSBG represents thousands of bodegas in the Big Apple.
A day after Trump's visit, the BSBG issued a statement on April 17 reiterating its support for the former president. It also blasted Bragg and other local politicians who have turned a blind eye to the widespread criminality in the city.
"The BSBG appreciates Trump's support on behalf of tougher enforcement for retail thieves that are making our stores more dangerous and less profitable at the same time. [His] visit and support comes at a time when our own state legislators have refused to strengthen the laws against repeat retail theft offenders," the statement said.
Marte continued that Trump's April 16 visit "highlights just how much we have lost the way in New York. It is our hope that a former president coming to support NYC's smallest stores, and also to demonstrate his support for stronger laws and enforcement, will spur our own elected officials to action."
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Watch this footage of children in Harlem voicing out their support for former President Donald Trump during his bodega visit, despite Espaillat's claims.

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