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    Obama's Border Breakdown

    Obama's Border Breakdown
    by Audrey Hudson


    A newly inaugurated President Barack Obama pledged to tackle immigration reform during his first year in office. But no legislation has been passed, major workplace raids that made headlines during the Bush Administration are a distant memory, and no new funding for manpower or critical programs is in the pipeline.

    “The border security implications are frightening,
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    This is an older article but you can see what they are doing in just one country against illegal aliens / smugglers/ drug trafficing

    Border forts – outposts of security
    The U.S. military is also supervising the construction of border forts along the borders with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. Thirty-one of the 153 that are planned are completed. These forts, which resemble stone castles with turrets, will serve as outposts for Border Police who will patrol the border. The Iraqi perimeters will ultimately be equipped with state-of-the-art security equipment like ground sensors, night vision technology, and communications equipment. Like the technology that supports CBP Border Patrol efforts, this equipment will provide expanded monitoring capability. ... aining.xml
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