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    Oklahoma City Latinos invite Trump to discuss immigration over lunch

    Posted 7:44 pm, September 22, 2015, by Leslie Rangel, Updated at 09:43am, September 23, 2015

    OKALHOMA CITY,Okla. - There's response to Donald Trump's scheduled visit to the Oklahoma State Fair on Friday.

    Some Oklahomans said they don't see eye to eye with Trump.

    An anti-Trump rally is already planned ahead of his arrival, led by Latino immigrant advocates, and they're not the only group who's speaking out.

    First, it was Trump speaking out - an attack on Mexican immigrants.

    Then, it was his silence that got him in trouble.

    Both instances rocked the minority community even here in Oklahoma.

    "Our biggest concern is that we hope this visit does not reignite or spark any anti-Muslim sentiment," said Adam Soltani, executive director of CAIR Oklahoma.

    With just a few days before Trump's scheduled visit to the Oklahoma state fair, one group said they will not support his anti-Muslim speech.

    "Anyone who wants to be president of the United States of America, hold the highest office in our country should really reflect the diversity that our country so much values," Soltani said.

    An eye on diversity that the Oklahoma Latino immigrant community also feels passionate about.

    "Donald Trump has painted us in this image - we're rapists, we're murderers, we're violent," said Jessica Vazquez, an organizer and member of Dream Act Oklahoma. "That's not who we are, that's not who my community is, and we want to let that be known."

    Their plan? A counter protest outside the fairgrounds, waiting as Trump arrives.

    "We're going to be peaceful, decent and hold our community in a good light," Vazquez said.

    In fact, they're taking it one step further. They said Trump is really just misinformed.

    "He hasn't had much experience with immigrants or around immigrants," Vazquez said. "I would really like for him to just sit down and talk with us, know that we're not who he thinks we are and just have an open conversation with us."

    This organizer even invited Trump over for lunch.

    "I can make some great tacos, some great salsa, if he ever wants to come on over," Vazquez said.

    The peaceful protesters will gather beginning at 4 p.m. outside the fairgrounds.

    They are asking anyone who comes to support them to wear white.

    We will have live coverage of Trump at the fairgrounds and also be live tweeting with the hashtag #TrumpinOK
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    My place of residence has been broken into twice. By who? Each time a latino! Driving drunk a Mexican killed my son. So, Vasquez, Trump has it right! Trump, Vasquez is a liar!
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    is right in every thing he said & they don't want to hear the truth at all but obama lie like hell & they kiss his ass . good luck trump you have the back bone of our country want & need
    good luck

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