Police: Linda Vista Home Housed Illegal Immigrants

Police Say Home In 1880 Block of Burton Street Used In Human Trafficking Ring

POSTED: 11:43 pm PST December 5, 2011
UPDATED: 11:59 pm PST December 5, 2011

SAN DIEGO -- Police raided a home in a Linda Vista neighborhood that they say was being used in a human trafficking operation, according to a search warrant obtained by 10News on Monday.

Police said the operation had been hiding in plain sight in the 1880 block of Burton Street.

According to a search warrant, officers swarmed the Linda Vista home on November 21 and told everyone inside to get out. Some did, but others were found hiding in the bedroom and the attic.

A neighbor who was only identified as "Kevin" told 10News reporter Itica Milanes, "All of a sudden there were cops everywhere. They were telling them everyone needs to come out."

Kevin said children, men and women came and went from the home at all hours.

"There must be 50 people living in that house because there [were] constantly people we didn't recognize," he said.

The search warrant said one victim told police he had been "bound and duct taped and held against his will."

According to the search warrant, the man called 911 after escaping and said "they had been beaten and had knives held to their throats. They were being threatened that they owed $14,000 to Mr. Galvan."

Police arrested Michael Galvan, who is accused of being behind the torture and running a human trafficking ring in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Several illegal immigrants were taken into custody.

"It's sick and I had no idea that it could happen this close to home," said Kevin. "That is probably the last thing that I expected."
Others realized something was not right.

Another neighbor who only wanted to be identified as "Rod," told 10News, "There was a group of probably 12 or 13 people with satchels walking up the street. I think it was like one or two in the morning."

Galvan is in jail charged with four felonies, including robbery and false imprisonment with violence. He is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.