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    Police: Man threatened to deport woman without her baby

    Published June 11, 2007 8:57 am
    Police: Man threatened to deport woman without her baby


    PALM BAY — A 47-year-old man who police said pushed a woman on the floor then told her she would be sent back to Peru without her child if she called for help, will go before a judge next week.

    William Dean Almeter of Palm Bay was charged with battery after the woman called police to their home on Raintree Street to report a disturbance, officials said. He will go to court June 19, according to records.

    Palm Bay police said Almeter had twisted the woman’s wrist and pushed to the floor where she landed on a child’s toy.

    The woman told officers she was afraid to call for help because Almeter threatened to kick her out of the home, according to reports. The woman also told police that Almeter said she’d be “sent back to Peru
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    And who is the father of the baby? Is the woman illegal? Did she do something to the man? Need the other side of the story to make comments.

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