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Thread: POLL: Majority of Voters Support Busing Immigrants to Liberal Cities

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    POLL: Majority of Voters Support Busing Immigrants to Liberal Cities

    POLL: Majority of Voters Support Busing Immigrants to Liberal Cities

    Jose Nino | Oct 2, 2022

    51% of registered voters support the transportation of migrants to Democratic-run cities, according to a CBS-YouGov poll that was released at the end of September. This has been something Republican governors have been carrying out in light of the rapidly deteriorating situation at the southern border.

    Only 49% of registered voters disapprove of this migration transportation scheme.

    88% of poll respondents agreed the move was effective at bringing attention to the national question.

    Since April, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent north of 11,000 immigrants to Democratic-run cities such as New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. In recent weeks, he enraged the Biden regime by sending several buses filled with immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’s house at the Naval Observatory.

    Similarly, other Republican governors such as Arizona Governor Doug Ducey sent immigrants to Washington DC. In Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ case, he sent a plane of 50 immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

    Republican governors have sharply criticized the way the Biden regime has tackled immigration. They believe that the immigrant busing scheme will show Democratic open borders boosters what border states have to put up with everyday.

    The US Border Patrol has made 2 million arrests at the southern border for fiscal year 2022
    This is a good tactic for the GOP to use to call attention to the importance of the immigration question.

    After all, it has been slightly falling out of the public consciousness as economic issues have taken the spotlight of political debate. This tactic is great for short-term politics, but it must be followed up with proactive state measures where the state governments begin deporting illegal alien invaders at a time when the federal government refuses to do the job.

    BLP previously reported on Missouri Senator Josh Hawley’s latest proposal to grant the states the power to deport illegal aliens on their own. At this juncture, Hawley’s measure is the most common sense way to handle this problem. Hopefully, other Republicans take note of this.

    POLL: Majority of Voters Support Busing Immigrants to Liberal Cities - Big League Politics
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    They need to be bussed of our soil. They will be bussed and dumped there and then they are free to go where they want!

    E-verify housing, bank accounts, jobs, driver's license, school and healthcare. Make them self deport.

    No illegal alien should be able to collect any taxpayer funded benefits on behalf of a legal U.S. citizen, whether that citizen is a minor or otherwise. Deport them with their offspring. End birthright citizenship and the anchor baby SCAM, that is disgusting and abuse of our sovereignty.
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