26 May 2016

A Mexican illegal alien who had previously been deported after having sex with a minor in California was captured re-entering the U.S. in New Mexico.

34-year-old Juan Antonio Canales Martinez was caught by U.S. Border Patrol agents on patrol in Luna County, New Mexico. The agents, from the Deming Station were patrolling near Columbus, New Mexico, on Tuesday when they were alerted to the presence of 5 suspected illegal aliens who crossed the border in their sector, information provided to Breitbart Texas by U.S. Customs and Border Protection stated.

The agents picked up the trail and eventually captured one of the illegal aliens, a woman from El Salvador. She admitted to having crossed the border illegally, officials said. She had apparently been abandoned by her human smugglers and left to fend for herself. It was not disclosed if they left her with any water.

Agents continued tracking the remaining illegal aliens until it became apparent they had been picked up along the trail.

Not long after that, another Border Patrol agent observed a Dodge pickup truck travelling away from the area of the search on New Mexico Highway 9. Agents activated their emergency lights to attempt to stop the truck. The truck immediately sped up in an attempt to flee from the agents. The chase was discontinued by the agents as it approached a populated area.

Agents began another search in the area where the Dodge truck was last seen. They found fresh footprints leading to a pecan orchard. The agents continued tracking the suspects and eventually found them hiding among the trees.

A total of five suspects were taken into custoday.

During processing at the Deming Station, agents learned that Martinez had a prior conviction for “Sex with a Minor” on a charge prosecuted in California. He also had other criminal charges. He was turned over to the Luna County Detention Center where he could face felony re-entry charges.

Once again, the capture of this dangerous sexual predator reveals the vulnerability of our nation’s open border policies. Deportation with a secured border results in criminals like Martinez being able to freely re-enter the U.S. While he was captured shortly after re-entering, it begs the question as to how many are not captured.

News articles by Breitbart Texas reveal, on a weekly basis it seems, crimes that are committed by previously deported illegal aliens.