6 Sep 2017

Pro-illegal alien groups are looking to fundraise off of Tuesday’s announcement of the end of DACA and take full advantage of the one-month grace period to shield as many illegal aliens as possible.

Calling the end of DACA “part of the administration’s overall efforts to reduce legal immigration to the United States, which in turn reflects a racist hostility to this nation’s increasing diversity,” Virginia’s left-wing Legal Aid Justice Center (LAJC) asks for donations and volunteers to get as many of the state’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)-covered illegal aliens’ renewal applications as possible into the system before the window closes October 5, according to an email solicitation that Breitbart News obtained.

Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg, legal director of LAJC’s Immigrant Advocacy Program, posted a companion video on Facebook about “what we need to do right now” to support the illegal aliens covered by former President Barack Obama’s now defunct DACA executive order. He went on to lay out the ins and outs of the administration’s phase-out of DACA and how illegals can take full advantage.

“Get involved in the struggle for comprehensive immigration reform,” Sandoval-Moshenberg told viewers, referring to the reportedly brewing plan by some congressional Republicans to join with open-borders liberals and use the gradual end of DACA to pass an amnesty bill for the illegal aliens who, until now, were covered by the program.

Similar solicitations from National Immigrant Solidarity Network, Action LA, and Peace NO War are included in the same email chain sent Tuesday after Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ DACA announcement.

These 800,000 DACA-covered illegals and the hundreds of thousands more potentially covered by this amnesty have an estimated average age of 25 and, having never undergone American immigration, are not immigrants. More than 2,000 so-called “DREAMers” have had their exemption from the law revoked after being arrested for crimes against Americans. Nevertheless, the LAJC’s solicitation refers to them as “immigrant children who were brought here at young ages.”

LAJC, for its part, makes clear that it will interfere with federal immigration law to protect illegal aliens and fight to have local government give them benefits regardless of what happens in Congress. The email reads:

We will help individual DACA clients to find other avenues to legal status where possible, and defend them if the federal government seeks to put them in deportation proceedings. And we will continue to advocate for state laws and policies, such as in-state tuition and drivers’ licenses, that seek to mitigate the harm done by the President today.

Nevertheless, as the five-year-old – and likely unconstitutional – DACA program comes to an end, Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg could not but describe the LAJC’s mood as “extremely disappointed and angered.”