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    Problems at AZ polling sites,thousands of votes don't count

    Problems at Arizona polling sites mean thousands of votes don't get counted

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    Posted: 08/19/2010
    Last Updated: 56 minutes ago
    By: Lori Jane Gliha
    By: Maria Tomasch

    While many of you vote without any issues, thousands of votes will never be counted. Will yours be one of them?

    Some elections are so close that who wins and who loses can come down to a flip of a coin, roll of the dice or draw of the highest card.

    “We've literally had some great examples in Arizona where one vote has made the difference,â€

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    Often, provisional ballots belong to people who just thought they were registered to vote and showed up at the polls on election day. Some even believe you can register the same day and vote, which I think is the case in some states but not in TX.

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