Joe Biden wants to build Public Housing in our suburbs and destroy the neighborhoods that we worked hard for and EARNED the things we bought.

You do not respect that which you do not earn.

I say build Public Housing, for legal U.S. citizens only, where the Poultry Farms, Agriculture Farms, and Horse Farms are.

Put these welfare and food stamp leeches to work in these jobs or NO housing.

There are three generations of families living in Public Housing, put them all to work.

End breed and feed programs, they keep popping out babies for more money. Cut that off. Help for one kid for a 3 year lifetime maximum benefit and then no more help. Get on birth control or get a vasectomy or tubal ligation.

They can work and EARN their way out of Public Housing. It is not free, and the taxpayers should not be paying for this while these people do not work.

The farmers get their cheap labor and they get a roof over their heads.

No more illegal aliens or work visa's to take these jobs. Put those American's to work.

Get illegal aliens OUT of our Public Housing and deport them off our soil with their minor children. No excuse to stay. Their children are citizens of their mothers country.