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Public Pool Bans Syrian Boys After Multiple Molestations of Girls as Young as 9

One of the most troubling and dangerous issues involving Syrian refugees in Western countries has been the widespread sexual assault committed by these migrants, and the victims have too often been children.

In fact, several young girls were recently assaulted by a gang of young Syrian refugees at a community swimming pool in Berlin, Germany.
In an effort to protect other young swimmers from being inappropriately touched, the manager of the pool banned the boys for one year — a move that was sure to infuriate left-wing bleeding hearts.

The victims — sisters aged 9, 11 and 14 — were at the pool to celebrate the 14-year-old’s birthday when they were reportedly harassed and groped by seven young migrants, according to the U.K. Express. “Five of the boys touched the girls’ breasts and bottoms,” the girls’ father said, explaining that his 11-year-old daughter managed to get away and alert the pool supervisor of the situation.

Police were called and launched an investigation into the suspects and their alleged sexual offenses, a police spokesperson said.

The Syrian boys, ranging in age from 7 to 14, were interviewed by police before being released to their parents.

“The suspects are said to have swam (sic) after the girls and to then have grabbed them,” the spokesperson said.

Unfortunately this sickening incident was not the first of its kind, particularly in refugee-swamped Germany, where women and children have been subjected to multiple attacks and weak efforts by German authorities to actually remedy the dangerous situation.

We MUST do everything possible to ensure that this chaos and violence don’t make their way to the United States.