Questions For Presidential Candidates
December 03, 2007 05:43 PM EST
by John R. Marshall

Taking Profit Out Of Illegal Immigration

Questions for Republican Presidential Candidates

Do you support following?
Take profit out of illegal immigration by enacting following:

1. Asset forfeiture of all assets acquired by illegal wages of illegal immigrants (greed brought illegals to American soil and greed will send them home).
2. Automatic forfeiture of any and all vehicles transporting illegal immigrants (use of public roads and highways is a privilege not a right).
3. No sending or wiring money out of United States without two valid ID’s; penalties discovered during audits of those transferring money, administrative fine seven times amount wired out of country.
4. Mandatory jail time no probation or deferred adjudication for company managers or owners, and public sector supervisors employing illegals (no excuses companies which can run credit checks on customers and clients, can also check on legal residency).
5. No federal taxpayer dollars for cities or any public entity providing sanctuary services for illegal immigrants.
6. Illegals on United States soil cannot apply for legal residency or citizenship for twenty years.
7. Civil liability remedies for victims of crimes by illegals against those employing illegals or helping illegals stay in America (examples – landlords, organizations, or those supporting porous borders).
8. Rewards paid to those reporting illegal immigrants to proper law enforcement agencies (one hundred dollars for accurate referral and fifty dollar fine for inaccurate referral).
Standards for Republican Presidential candidates asked eight above questions:

Support all or no vote, supporting lesser of two evils is supporting premeditated evil. Never forget American citizens ignoring national security or cultural sovereignty will spend too much time at cemeteries.

America’s political parties seem obsessed with catering to special interest groups: closet Marxist, internationalist corporate feudalists, poor, women, gays, senior citizens, blacks, Hispanics, and illegal immigrants.

America would be better served since Democrats represent closet Marxists and promiscuity, and Republicans represent internationalist aristocracies if Republican Party started supporting America’s middle class.

Follow up answer to previous question, are talk show hosts who believe that a Republican President, Republican State Department, two Texas U.S. Senators, and Texas Republican Governor will ever seriously oppose illegal immigration loop hounds.

The United States Constitution demands that America’s federal government will protect American States from invasions. Are citizens who do not believe thirty million to fifty million illegal immigrants on American soil loop hounds?

Follow up answer to question why would above Republican elected officials violate oaths taken before God and millions of American citizens to uphold, protect, and defend America’s Constitution?

At the expense of America’s middle class and cultural sovereignty most Republican officials have chosen loyalty to internationalist beliefs and Mexico’s aristocracy to prevent a Marxist type revolution in Mexico.