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    Raid raid takes out Orange County Mexican Mafia leaders ... un16.story

    O.C. Raid Takes Out Local Leaders of the Mexican Mafia, FBI Says
    By H.G. Reza, Times Staff Writer

    A task force of 300 police officers launched early morning raids throughout Orange County on Wednesday, serving 40 warrants and capping a two-year investigation that authorities said could topple the Mexican Mafia's drug dealing enterprise in the county.

    Officers arrested 24 people, including Peter Ojeda, 63, a La Habra resident identified as the ranking Mexican Mafia soldier in Orange County. Ojeda controlled the drug trade of local Latino street gangs, using violence and strong-arm tactics to keep underlings in line, authorities said. He is believed to have run a criminal organization for about 30 years. But the crimes attributed to the defendants allegedly occurred this year and in 2004, said Richard Garcia, assistant FBI director in Los Angeles.

    Ojeda and the others were charged under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. United States Atty. Debra W. Yang said the case marked the first time that defendants were charged under RICO in Orange County.

    The federal law is commonly used by prosecutors to go after organized crime figures. The Mexican Mafia is a powerful prison gang that authorities say controls drug distribution and other illegal activities in Latino communities in Southern California.

    Twelve other defendants in custody on unrelated charges also were charged in a three-count indictment unsealed Wednesday. The racketeering charges include allegations of drug trafficking, extortion, assault and murder.

    In addition to dismantling the so-called Ojeda Organization, authorities also arrested members of the Santa Ana-based West Myrtle Street Gang.

    The investigation was spearheaded by the Santa Ana Police Department's Gang Task Force and Career Criminal Unit.

    Santa Ana Police Chief Paul M. Walters said the probe and the sweep were conducted in near secrecy by federal, state and police investigators who worked from police headquarters.

    The FBI's Garcia said the arrests "took out all of the main leaders of the Mexican Mafia" in Orange County.
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    RICO is a powerful tool...glad to see it being utilized to stamp out this scum!
    When we gonna wake up?

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    Good move, im proud

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    YES (pumping fist)!!!

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