by Bob Price 14 Aug 2014, 5:47 AM PDT

HOUSTON, Texas—A South Texas Rancher in Willacy County, north of the town of Raymondville, Texas, is reporting an increase of illegal immigrants trespassing through his ranch due to the heavy law enforcement presence in the western portion of the Rio Grande Border Sector. The rancher, concerned for the safety of his family and employees has instructed his workers to carry a firearm with them at all times when out on the ranch.

“I cannot take the chance of one of my employees being hurt by these smugglers,” said Dr. Frank Yturria, age 91. “My ranch foreman reported to me last week that he saw a group of about 20 illegal immigrants being escorted by a smuggler openly carrying a pistol on his hip.”

Breitbart Texas contacted Dr. Yturria after seeing an article on that said Yturria has never seen so many smugglers crossing his land as he has seen this summer. At age 91, the spry, older gentleman has plenty of experience upon which to base that opinion. Yturria is a third generation rancher on this land.

Yturria took a Channel 5 News reporters on a tour of his ranch and showed them the damage that was being done by the trespassing smugglers and their human cargo. Damaged fences, gates and littered debris left behind are commonplace now.

The increase of traffic through his land appears to Yturria to be a direct result of the Border Surge by Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety and now, the Texas National Guard in Hidalgo and Cameron Counties. “As they have increased pressure in the west, we are seeing more immigrants moving east across our lands,” Yturria told Breitbart Texas in a phone interview. “When you drive up Highway 77, you don’t see any border patrol or highway patrol vehicles. They are all off of Highway 281 in Brooks County or Highway 83 along the border.”

Yturria expressed concern for the people being dropped off on his land. “These immigrants are headed to Houston,” he explained. “The smugglers tell them Houston is five to ten miles up the road when they drop them off. They tell them to follow my ranch roads to get there.” The reality is, Houston is a four to five hour drive by vehicle and Yturria’s ranch is a good 50 miles south of the Highway 77 Border Patrol checkpoint located in Kennedy County.

“I blame this all on the Democrats and President Obama,” Yturria told Bretibart Texas. “The message these immigrants are receiving is that if you make it to America you will not be deported, you will be given a bus ticket anywhere you want to go. This action by President Obama is directly leading to the deaths of these people who are abandoned in the ranches in this area.”

As to why he wants to arm his employees, Yturria told KRGV “They have threatened my employees…’get out of the way, or else.’” He said it feels like a kill or be killed situation.