Rand Paul Says Marco Rubio’s Tax Credit Plan Would ‘Explode Payments To Illegal Aliens’

Posted By Alex Pappas On 3:14 PM 11/12/2015 In | No Comments

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is accusing Florida Sen. Marco Rubio , a rival in the Republican presidential race, of pushing a tax credit plan that would “extend more tax credits to illegal aliens.”

Appearing on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Thursday, Paul, who has been critical of Rubio’s tax plan, said: “You know these tax credits that Marco supports? There’s a 25 percent fraud rate. In fact, the inspector general said that four billion dollars of the current tax credits are going to illegal aliens.”

“I think Rubio’s plan would explode payments to illegal aliens,” Paul added. “And this is a real problem.”

Elaborating on his Rubio attack, Paul said: “Until we fix the current tax credits, do we really want to double and triple the amount of tax credits we’re giving? I mean really $4 billion dollars to illegal aliens? I think Rubio’s tax credit plan will extend more tax credits to illegal aliens, and I think there’s no way in the world we should be supporting something like this.”

A 2011 report of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration stated that “individuals who are not authorized to work in the United States were paid $4.2 billion in refundable credits.”

According to this tax plan posted online, Rubio is proposing several new tax credits, including “a new, partially refundable child tax credit of up to $2,500 per child,” a 25 percent “non-refundable tax credit to any business offering between four and twelve weeks of paid family leave” and a “$2,500 universal tax credit for the first four years of post-secondary education and costs related to eligible job skill training.”

The Daily Caller has reached out to a Rubio aide for comment.