by BOB PRICE 4 Aug 2014, 1:51

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FALFURRIAS, Texas — The death toll continues to climb in the Falfurrias death march region also known as the ranch lands and highways of Brooks County. The toll on illegal immigrants who have died attempting to cross these ranch fields and bypass the Border Patrol checkpoint located in the center of Brooks County now stands at 44 as a woman was found dead this week. A woman reported being raped by her fellow travelers earlier this week and another woman was seriously injured as she either bailed out of or was pushed from a vehicle she was riding in that was being pursued by a deputy sheriff.

A Guatemalan woman was found dead on Wednesday along the new natural gas pipeline being constructed in the western portion of the county. Breitbart Texas previously reported on this “illegal immigrant superhighway” which provides a direct south to north navigational aide but is surrounded by very soft sand that creates extra exertion that has claimed the lives of several people who are trespassing through the area. While she had only been deceased for about one day, her body was already massively disfigured by the heat, insects and animals. The 29-year-old woman was identified by Brooks County officials as Maritza Beatriz from Guatemala.

On Friday, a woman who entered the country illegally was captured by Border Patrol Agents who told Brooks County officials she had reported being raped earlier in the week. Because the alleged rape was reported within 96 hours after its occurrence, Border Patrol officials were instructed to take the woman to the hospital for rape testing. She reported she was sexually assaulted only in the form of oral sex. She will be examined and tested for other forms of sexual assault as well. “It is not uncommon for these women to not disclose the full extent of their sexual assault,” said Brooks County volunteer deputy Daniel Walden who is also a human trafficking instructor. More information will be made available about this case after her examination and testing is completed.

Late last night, a Brooks County volunteer deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle which was behaving suspiciously. The vehicle immediately fled and was pursued by the deputy for several miles. As the vehicle slowed the front passenger door opened and a woman flew out of the door. It is not known at this time if she jumped from the vehicle or if she was pushed. As she exited the vehicle, she fell under the right rear tire and was run over by the fleeing vehicle. The vehicle ran over her head, neck and shoulder region. The deputy immediately stopped and offered first aid to the woman while waiting for an ambulance.

The entire episode was captured by CBS News Digital Journalist Nicole Sanseverino who captured the entire event on video as she was doing a ride-along with the deputy who initiated the traffic stop and pursuit. The woman was transported initially by ambulance and was eventually escalated to a helicopter air-evac to Corpus Christi. Her current condition was not known at this time. The woman allegedly was in possession of a United States Passport.
At least 15 people exited the minivan and fled into the fields on either side of Highway 281. Border Patrol joined in the search that was complicated because the aerostats normally used in search operations were grounded due to weather.

Throughout the night, additional pursuits were engaged in by police, deputies and border patrol. One of the vehicles being pursued crashed through the fence of a rancher in the southwest portion of the county. Several illegal immigrants bailed out of this vehicle at that time. This tactic is particularly dangerous as the damaged fence allows cattle to exit the fields onto busy roadways creating traffic hazards. Seven illegal immigrants were captured in this pursuit.

Another pursuit which occurred just as the sun was coming up involved members of the Falfurrias Police Department who chased a Dodge Charger into a field behind a local hotel. Seven illegal immigrants bailed out of that vehicle, five of whom were captured shortly thereafter by border patrol and Brooks County volunteer deputies.

The organization of non-paid police officers who are volunteering their time to serve as Brooks County Deputy Sheriffs is known as the Border Brotherhood of Texas. Because of illness, the lone Brooks County Deputy Sheriff who was scheduled to work that shift was not available. The volunteers staffed three patrol units for Brooks County and provided a wide variety of law enforcement services throughout the fourteen hour shift last night.

Deputy Walden is a volunteer reserve deputy for Brooks County. In his regular job, he serves as acting police chief of the Donna Independent School District Police Department. He has organized the Border Brotherhood of Texas, a group of sworn police officers who are volunteering their time to help the distressed Brooks County Sheriff’s Office.