Got this today:

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A copy of letter Michael _______wrote to MALDEF. (His last name was deleted to maintain his privacy.)

As bad as these zellots are, they are nearly identical to MALDEF. Here's why:

Glendora, CA 9
August 31, 2007

John Trasviña

President & General Counsel

MALDEF - National Headquarters
634 S. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Dear Mr. Trasviña: Re: Your comments on yesterday's Lou Dobbs show

Your comments about the disarray caused by the INS Nebraska meat packing busts in 1999 were garden variety soft-shoed-shuffle. Beginning in the 1970s, union-busting corporations began importing illegal immigrants to do meatpacking jobs -- even sending buses to the border to ferry illegal immigrants back to their packinghouses. Not only did the INS ignore this matter, but also Senators like Nebraska's Hagel seemed unconcerned that hundreds of Americans lost their jobs as their wages were wiped-out by illegals taking $19.00 per hour wages at the new rate of $9.00.

Quite similar to American Black janitors in Sourthern California in the 1980s who saw their $15.00 per hour wages cut to about $8.00 as they were fired and their jobs given to illegal aliens. Same for American dry wallers in Southern California a few years later who lost-out to illegals at wages that fell from $20.00 per hour to about $9.00.

For you to state that MALDEF's suit against the DHS program to crack-down on phony SS numbers is to protect American workers from erroneous firings is the height of absurdity & transparency. Your true agenda seems to be the continuation of illegals displacing American workers, - and, the flooding of this nation with millions of illegal aliens, without the slightest concern for the welfare of Americans already here.

Fortunately for our nation, the age of American innocence with immigration has ended. With this phenomenon comes the realization that MALDEF's true agenda appears to be ensuring that the welfare of illegal aliens is always placed far above the welfare of American workers and taxpayers. You guys are finally on the losing end after decades of wiping you feet on the faces of American workers & taxpayers. Now it's our turn.


Michael _______