Record drug seizures along Arizona border
Reported by: Ramona Ramos

Last Update: 11/21 6:05 pm

Slideshow A record number of drugs were seized along the border of Arizona and Mexico over the last seven days, according to Border Patrol officials.

They said the seizures led to significant loss in profits and interruptions of the operations for the drug cartels to south.

Officials said 27,111 pounds of marijuana were seized. The estimated street value was over $21.6 million.

The seizures that contributed to this total are the result of work by agents in the Tucson Sector Border Patrol’s defense-in depth operations.

The news release indicated that checkpoints are an instrumental part of the operations.
Of the total seizures made this week, 13 took place at checkpoints.

Officials said that in the Tucson sector along the border, in the mountains, on the roadways and at the checkpoints, Border Patrol stations implemented strategies accredited for the 3 year record of drug seizures in the week of November 14 to November 20.